Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EATOILS SUPERSEP Eliminates Sugar Snake in Soda Fountains

What is a sugar snake?  A sugar snake is a phenomenon that can occur in a soda fountain drain in a busy restaurant or bar.  When drinks are poured in a soda fountain there is always a small amount of overflow that goes down the drain.  As the drain is constantly receiving a dripping flow of sugary soda drink residue, there is a constant food source for bacteria living in the drain - the sugar.  Colonies of sugar eating bacteria gather to digest the sugar and eventually they form a solid cane or 'snake' appearance inside the drainline (something like a colony of coral would do in a coral reef, only they have nowhere to grow but within the confines of the drainline).  This is called a sugar snake.  It is not made of sugar, but it looks like sugar - so it was always thought to be a column of sugar, hence, the name - sugar snake.  Over time, the sugar snake grows large enough to hinder the flow of waste to the sanitary drain and it can disrupt the function of the fountain drain system.  When this happens the sugar snake needs to be removed - usually with a pair of needle nose pliers.  Typical drain openers don't work on this type of problem.

At WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. we have developed a range of products using beneficial microbes that outperform traditional products and methods at the jobs that they do.  We have products for cleaning, deodorizing, degreasing, and a multitude of applications. 

Our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ is a good example of this type of product.  SUPERSEP™ is exceptionally good at breaking up the 'sugar snake' and keeping the drainline running clear.  A daily dose of 4 ounces of SUPERSEP™ poured down the drain at night will clear up and prevent sugar snakes in soda fountains. 

This product is also ideal for maintaining other drains and grease traps in these facilities as the drains typically clog with organic materials and the microbes in our products attack and digest these organic materials and keep the lines running free. 

We work with municipalities and water utilities with their waste water treatment plants and to address blockages in sewer lines, caused by food facilities and restaurants.  Our products don't harm pipes or waste water systems and they work together with the microbes used in the waste water treatment facilities.  Enforcement and inspection staff at the utilities and municipalities suggest the restaurants and food processors use our EATOILS™ products to address and clear up any problems they may have with organic materials. All of our EATOILS™ products are GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How To Use EATOILS Products With Steam And Vapor Cleaning Systems

There has been a lot of discussion recently about using steam to deep clean grout, tile, and other porous surfaces.  Steam is a highly effective surface cleaner for removing visible grease, however, it doesn't draw out all of the material from deep pores as it's followers and supporters claim - and it can leave a residual grease trail, particularly in high traffic areas.  Lingering odors can also be a problem.

EATOILS™ deep cleaning products actually do remove the organic materials from deep in the pores of all surfaces - and they do a particularly great job at removing deep particles from porous surfaces.  They also remove the sources of odors!

By combining the power of microbial cleaning with 'steam cleaning' or 'vapor cleaning' the results are much more effective.   The microbes and surfactants in EATOILS™ products actually loosen the microscopic food and inorganic particles so the steam or vapor can remove them faster.  They also remove the sources of odors.

We have a number of contractor clients who are hired by large restaurant chains to 'steam clean' their kitchens and bathrooms when they require: 1) a complete overhaul, 2) a refurbishment for a new franchise owner, 3) a dramatic heavy duty clean, or 5) a kitchen or bathroom makeover.  Admittedly, these are the worst conditions for cleaning (usually the build-up is from many years and it is hard to get at all of the areas to clean them).  However, they are ideal for deep steam cleaning.  After years of cleaning these difficult areas our contractor clients have discovered a better way to clean by combining the two cleaning systems.  We have found that these contractors actually insist on using our EATOILS™ heavy duty cleaners together with the steam equipment so they can get the best cleaning result in the shortest time. 

How they do it
Typically, they mix up our cleaner (depending on the job - SUPERFRESH™ for bathrooms, SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ for kitchens, or BT200™ for industrial greases ) with hot water (usually at 4 oz/gal) and apply it liberally to the surfaces to be cleaned (usually leave 1/4" of fluid on the floor) and allow it to sit for 30 - 45 minutes or so.  Then, they brush the surfaces with a stiff brush to release the heavy greases and build-up.  Then they follow up with the steam or vapor cleaning system.  It actually takes much less time to clean this way and the results are dramatic!  A bright clean room with no residue and no lingering odors! All EATOILS™ products are GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Spray + Squeegee Or "Touchless" Cleaning Works With Eatoils™ Products Too!

Recent reports have shown that 'spray & squeegee type' cleaning or 'spray & wipe'  or 'touchless' cleaning practices like microfibre systems are better at controlling residue that could typically be left behind by 'mop' and 'sponge mop type' cleaning systems.  The main reasons cited in these reports are related to the contaminant resdue levels that sponge mop and string mop systems inherently have due to the material in the mop and sponge systems.  This material is singled out primarily due to the way that the cleaning system is used - both mop styles assume that the user is continually re-dipping the dirty mop/sponge back into the bucket and re-contaminating the mop/sponge with the dirty water and re-applying it to the surface to be cleaned.  In addition, the typically harsh chemicals used in these methods actually attack the mopheads and spongeheads and break them down - If you want to understand just how bad these products are for the mopheads take a moment and smell your mophead at the end of the cleaning shift when traditional cleaning products are used - you'll smell the mold on the mophead!  We have found that when traditional cleaning products are used in a typical janitorial application a mophead lasts only one week.

In most of our EATOILS™ literature we have pointed out how well our products work at cleaning the mophead/spongehead every time it is inserted into the bucket because our cleaning technology is much more efficient than traditional cleaners that rely on chemical action ONLY to clean.  Traditional cleaning products use harsh chemicals and/or solvents to break down dirt and residue - this process deteriorates as the cleaning solution gets dirtier and eventually, the fluid in the bucket needs to be changed.  Our EATOILS™ products actually don't deteriorate as the solution gets dirtier, so the cleaning action is not adversely affected as the fluid in the bucket is used.  In fact, we have proven time and again that the surface is effectively cleaned much more thoroughly with our EATOILS™ products than with any other method using the mop/sponge type cleaning method.  In addition, we have proven that mopheads last 6-10 times longer when used with our products because our products don't attack the mopheads (they smell nice and clean at the end of the cleaning shift).  Over and over again we have proven that EATOILS™ products outperform traditional cleaning products at the toughest jobs!

At the same time, our products work exceptionally well with microfibre, spray & squeegee, 'wetswiffer' type and spray & wipe  touchless approaches when compared to other cleaning products.  Our EATOILS™ products are actually better cleaning products - they are the only ones with non-stop cleaning action, and they are the only ones that "keep on working long after you are done!"

EATOILS™ cleaning products work well in high risk environments too!  When combined with sanitizing and anti-microbial cleaning products in a cleaning/disinfecting system they provide the "best of both worlds" - Deep cleaning and removal of organics combined with germ control for the most demanding environments.

These EATOILS™ cleaning products (SUPERFRESH™ CLEANER/DEODORIZER FOR HARD SURFACES, SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ CLEANER/DEODORIZER FOR SOFT SURFACES, BT200™ DEGREASER FOR OIL & GREASE STAINS and SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ for food grease on kitchen floors ) require no rinsing and are very cost effective as well - 1/2 ounce in a quart spray bottle filled with water will yield an amazing cleaner that will work harder than most off the shelf cleaners at a fraction of the cost. These products are all GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Should Try Our EATOILS™ SUPER DEGREASER™ For Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen grease - what a nasty job to clean it - especially on the kitchen exhaust hood in a busy restaurant!  Many restaurants leave this dirty job to the professionals and call them in on a regular schedule to remove the heavy build-up of greases in the hoods, primarily for fire prevention.  Most hood cleaning professionals use a dangerous caustic cleaning solution like sodium hydroxide to attack grease on the hood.  These caustic solutions require the use of gloves, respirators, and other safety equipment and they can be dangerous to your employees' health, eyes, skin, clothing, etc.  As a result, most hood cleaning is done late at night when the restaurant staff is off premises.

Now, with the introduction of safe, environmentally friendly microbial cleaning products like EATOILS™ SUPER DEGREASER™ you can do these nasty jobs with a much safer product and save on outside cleaning costs.  This product is so safe you can use it without gloves for most cleaning/degreasing applications around the kitchen, however for hood cleaning we suggest you use SUPER DEGREASER™ in hot water with gloves, a stiff polybrush and a mop bucket due to the possibility of contacting a variety of harmful pathogens from the hood surface.  Using a 10-20% solution (10 - 5 parts water to 1 part of SUPER DEGREASER™) you can easily remove most grease deposits on the hood & filters in the following way: 1) Apply the solution to the surface by spraying it on or by painting it on, 2) allow it to sit for 15 - 25 minutes or so, 3) brush the area with the polybrush to remove the deposits of grease, fats and oils from the hood surface, then, 4) rinse the surface to remove any residue.  Scraping or pressure washing can also remove these deposits once SUPER DEGREASER™ has been applied.  Older or "burnt on" deposits may require a longer dwell time. This product is GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN.

As with any cleaning job, daily maintenance can make the job go much faster.  A nightly regimen of cleaning the hood and filters with SUPER DEGREASER™ at the end of the cooking shift can keep a busy kitchen clean and safe from potentially dangerous hood fires.

Some clients find that a pre-shift (morning) spray of the product in a 10% solution on the upper surfaces of the hood and filters can make the nightly cleaning go much faster.  The product is also great for degreasing all kitchen surfaces including; stove tops, equipment, grills, etc. - in fact, anywhere cooking greases can be found!

EATOILS™ SUPER DEGREASER™ is available in the following sizes:- 1 US Gal (3.78L) jug, 5 US Gal (18.9L) pail, and 55 US Gal (208L) drum.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ Can Provide Continuous GREEN Cleaning Action In A Bathroom - And It Works With Your Disinfection Program Too!

Bathroom cleaning can be one of the most dreaded household and janitorial jobs, especially if you find that you need to do it often.  Restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, daycare centers, and other public facilities can have a real problem with this as historically, their bathrooms have been notorious for requiring frequent cleaning due to the high usage - and it seems, no matter how often you clean, it is never enough.  Add to this our current worries about H1N1, MRSI, and other communicable diseases, and the bathroom has become an area for deep concern both at home and wherever you work, play or spend time.

Historically, bathroom cleaning products have included dangerous products including: harsh chemical cleaners, disinfecting cleaners, solvents, tile & grout products, abrasive cleansers, bleach for mold & mildew, acidic bowl products, and deodorizers.  As a rule, these types of products require fequent, repeated use to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the bathroom, yet they are dangerous for the user.

Now, with the recent introduction of a whole new range of MULTIPURPOSE, SAFE, GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS and more effective disinfectants there is a real opportunity to actually reduce the number of products used, reduce the frequency of cleaning, and increase the effective cleaning action in the process.  The idea of teaming up GREEN CLEANING products with EFFECTIVE DISINFECTANTS can provide an opportunity for 'the Best of Both Worlds' - a Clean and Safe environment for you and your family to feel safe and secure wherever you are - at home or away.

Let's start with the GREEN CLEANING PRODUCT.  For this application, we suggest our EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ - an GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN CLEANING PRODUCT designed specifically for hard surface cleaning.  Click here for product info SUPERFRESH™ is a microbial cleaning product that deep cleans - deep down into the pores of all hard surfaces, removing all types of contaminants without the use of solvents or harsh chemicals.  Then, this new type of microbial cleaning product continues to clean and digest any residual materials from the surface, including sources of odor and mold & mildew.  The result is a much cleaner surface with fewer food sources for harmful viruses and bacteria to dwell on.  Due to the continuous cleaning characteristics of this product the frequency of cleaning can be dramatically reduced and the effect on grout and tile is clearly evident.  Clients who use this product report that they clean less often, the product addresses all odor issues, the grout lines come up like new, and their clients notice the improved cleanliness in these areas.  By using this product several of the historically used products (harsh chemicals, solvents, abrasive cleansers, grout & tile cleaner, deodorizer, bleach for mold & mildew, bowl cleaner) can be replaced with a single GREEN product - SUPERFRESH™.  If there is a build-up of calcification or lime scale on fixtures, a 'green' scale remover using organic salts can remove it on an 'as needed' basis.

On the disinfecting front there are a number of products that clearly can address specific pathogens.  You should choose a product that will address the viruses and pathogens that you are concerned about controlling - General sanitizers and disinfectants may not address the problem areas that concern you.  As these disinfectant products typically work for a 1 to 5 minute timeframe, killing all organic lifeforms on their list of controlled pathogens, the timing of application should be scheduled to coincide with the best time for mitigating potential exposure. 


For example, if you disinfect all surfaces at the beginning of the day and every hour throughout the day in high traffic bathrooms, daycares and hospitals; every other hour in restaurants, mall washrooms, and public venues; three times a day in workplaces, etc. you will probably have a pretty good disinfection system in place for most situations.  Naturally, you would consider increased frequency in a situation where germs are spreading like if the H1N1 begins to spread.

Due to the microbial nature of the SUPERFRESH™ product, you should wash all surfaces with SUPERFRESH™ approximately 10 - 20 minutes after disinfecting to get the 'best of both worlds' - deep cleaning action and disinfection.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Septic Problems? EATOILS™ SUPER SRV™ + SUPERSEP™ Will Help

How healthy is your septic system?  Are you having clogging problems with your septic system?  Does your system have an odor problem?  Do you find yourself calling the 'Septic Clean-out Guy' more often than every 10 years?  Are there mechanical problems in your septic system that need repair?  How healthy is your drain field?

If any of these questions is leaving you feeling uncertain about your septic system you should consider calling us and implementing a program with one or both of our septic treatment products.  Provided your system is in good operating condition and there are no mechanical problems present, you may only need to augment the system with our EATOILS™ septic products - SUPER SRV™ and SUPERSEP™. These products are GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN.

Our SUPER CONCENTRATED products yield amazing results - with as little as 3/4 oz. of SUPER SRV™ per month you will see dramatic results - 1) septic smells will disappear, 2) the organic materials in the holding tank will break down faster, 3) sludge and surface build-up in the main tank will be reduced on an ongoing basis, 4) the drain field will open up and run clear without any difficulties, and 5) you won't need to call for a septic clean-out for years to come.  Other suppliers of septic treatment products buy our concentrate and add filler to create their products which they sell for much more (2-3 times our price!) - all you really need is our active microbes and enzymes found in SUPER SRV™.  This dry product is ideal for septic and RV use - A 1 lb. jar will last for up to 2.5 years, keeping your septic system flowing freely and operating at peak efficiency.   For more information about SUPER SRV™ click here.

Occasionally, there may be a mechanical breakdown or obstruction in your system that can cause serious problems.  You need to address these problems when they occur - 1) if a pipe cracks, leaking sewage into the ground, 2) if the lines are clogged due to incorrect materials being put into the system or 3) if the system is deteriorating due to age and leakage is about to occur.  This is when you need to call in the professionals - septic system specialists, and let them repair your system and get your system back up and working properly.

If you need to have major work done on the system due to line breakage and waste spillage be sure to use our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ to treat the soil around the leak and to remove any residual organic waste from the ground (this product goes deep into the soil and actually digests the organic waste that it finds and it leaves no residual odor or waste material when it's done).  We also suggest the use of this product in grease traps in restaurants, hospitals, and hotels to prevent waste oils and grease that gets trapped in the grease trap from backing up into the water piping system and disrupting the business/clientele.  These clients can typically experience an 80% reduction in 'pump-outs' and their related costs by using this product on a daily basis.   Clients who prefer a liquid solution for their septic and RV treatment regime can also use this product instead of our EATOILS™ SUPER SRV™  

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Monday, October 12, 2009

SUPER DEGREASER Works Wonders in all Types of Parts Washers - Solvent Free Aqueous Solution Puts Natural Microbes to Work!

Dangerous solvents and harsh chemicals have been used for years to remove residual cutting oils from manufactured parts in factories around the world.

With the introduction of green cleaning technologies and an increased awareness of environmental stewardship there has been an increasing pressure to come up with a 'green' alternative to these harsh chemicals.

At WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., we have been working on this for a number of years and we now have many clients who swear by our approach to removing oils from manufactured parts. 

Our EATOILS™ SUPER DEGREASER™ is an excellent GREEN alternative parts washing solution - 1) it uses a combination of natural surfactants to quickly remove the oils from the parts, 2) then natural microbes actually digest the oils from the solution, and 3) it keeps on working for multiple cleaning cycles, 4) which results in a low cost method that rivals the cost of the original, more dangerous, cleaning alternatives.  In addition, this product is GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN.

Typically, parts washing machines and systems fall into four categories - 1) small manual machines with a hose that pours solution (usually solvent) over the parts - the operator usually brushes the parts to remove excess contaminants from the parts (usually in an automotive shop or maintenance facility), 2) large soaking baths or dip tanks where parts are left to sit in a solution (usually harsh chemicals) to remove the contaminants, 3) small or large spray cabinets where parts are subjected to high velocity hot water/chemical spray for a short period of time (2 - 5 minutes) then parts proceed to rinsing tanks for additional contaminant removal, and 4) ultrasonic parts washers where parts are put into a tank with harsh chemicals or solvents and the parts are bombarded by ultrasonic sound waves to remove the contaminants from the parts.

We have found that our EATOILS™ SUPER DEGREASER™ is an ideal alternative for methods 1 and 3 above.  In addition, we have found that if you can add agitation to method 2 and 4 above, our product can work well there too!

How does it work?  The natural surfactant in our product draws the oils away from the parts and into the solution just like dishwashing soap removes the oily foods from your dishes in your kitchen sink.  Add a little agitation and the process is speeded up nicely.  Warm water and aeration in the reservoir allow the microbes to be in an ideal environment for digesting the oils out of the solution.  If the reservoir is maintained with aeration and warmth the process can go on indefinitely - AND THIS IS WHERE THE SAVINGS COME FROM.  If the process can be maintained in this way, the cost per cleaning can drop below the cost of alternative cleaning methods.

As with any new method, there is a period of adjustment and fine tuning of the process until the cycles yield optimally clean parts every time.  We have a number of large factories and small shops that have embraced this new approach to parts washing and the positive feedback is growing daily.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Don't Green Bin/Box Recycling Systems Yield Higher Usage Rates?


The Green Bin/Kitchen Waste recycling system is a great idea for recycling organic waste and diverting it from landfills, but many home owners won’t use it. Why not?


Even though the Kitchen Waste box is virtually air tight (so you can’t smell the waste most of the time) when you do open it to add new material you can be overwhelmed by the strong odor of decomposing garbage! Then, a day or two later when the Kitchen Waste box is full, you get a ‘double whammy’ (first, from the Kitchen Waste box, then from the larger Green Bin!) when you open the small Kitchen Waste box to transfer the garbage to the larger Green Bin.

The majority of home owners want to ‘do the right thing’ and divert their garbage wherever possible. However, the smell can be quite offensive and many people are resistant to exposing themselves to that kind of malodor on a regular basis, so the system can be by-passed as a matter of personal convenience. Organic waste might then be put into the regular garbage stream and the investment in the recycling system will be compromised, causing the fiscal payback for the system to be extended.

So, what can municipalities do to: 1) address this situation, 2) increase usage of the Green Bin system, and 3) get the Green Bin ROI (Return On Investment) back on track?

Offer EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ GREEN BIN DEODORIZER™ to home owners so they will use their Green Bins!

SUPERFRESH™ GREEN BIN DEODORIZER™ is an GREENER-CHOICE™ ‘APPROVED GREEN’ concentrated microbial cleaner/deodorizer that eliminates smells in seconds! A daily spray into the kitchen box and the larger green box will keep those smells under control and accelerate degradation of the organic material so the smells don’t come back. As an added bonus, the product can be diluted in water and used to wash out the boxes & bins between cycles – an amazing solution to a nasty problem!


• ECOLOGO™ CERTIFIED GREEN - Safe for you and the environment
• Eliminates odors on contact!
• One spray in your green bin system and the smells are under control
• Spray the bin today & it will be bearable when you re-open it tomorrow
• Industrial strength yet safe for kids, pets, & family
• Keeps on working long after you’re done!  Works for up to 80 hours, continually   removing the sources of odors
• Amazing cleaner & deodorizer will even eliminate skunk smell in seconds!
• Fantastic deodorizer for litter boxes and regular garbage odors too!
• Dilute at 30ml/3.78l (2 oz./gal) for the best bathroom cleaner ever!
• Excellent on tile & grout, mold & mildew, smoke and perspiration stains too!
• Safe for all surfaces – contains no solvents or harmful chemicals

Special pricing for our introductory handout size 100 ml/4 oz. container will do Kitchen Waste Box spraying and cleaning for approximately 45 days.
 - $10.00 per 4 oz/100ml bottle - to order click here - call us toll free at 1 866 621 8244 about this offer.

For larger quantities click here

- 1 litre/1.11 Quart refills are available at $25.00 CDN/ $24.00 US. 

- Save money and buy 3.78L/1 US Gallon at $69.00 CDN/ $58.00 US. 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Restaurants Save Money And Avoid Problems By Using EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™

Got a busy restaurant or hotel kitchen? You can save lots of time and avoid costly charges by using our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ in your grease trap every night.

One of the worst problems in commercial kitchens is the amount of grease that builds up in the grease trap and can potentially overflow into the municipal waste water stream. What makes it so bad? The potential cost in 1) municipal fines & charges for drain maintenance, 2) lost customers because of waste water and grease backing up into washroom floor drains, 3) lost employees/high turnover because "it is a dirty job" to clean out the grease trap and employees would rather stay home than clean out this mess on a weekly basis, 4) offensive odors in your restaurant, and 5) the high cost of regular clean-outs by commercial vacuum services.

What is the alternative? Use our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN grease trap treatment - a few ounces per night is all it takes, and you can eliminate these problems (# 1, 2, 3, and 4 above) and reduce your clean-outs (#5 above) to once or twice per year (typically an 80% reduction in clean-outs can be expected by using our products on a daily basis). When you add it all up, the cost of using our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ costs much less than the potential cost of continuing with what you're doing now.

Our EATOILS™ products are all green - they contain no solvents, VOC's, Petroleum distillates or harsh chemicals, and they are safe for municipal and septic waste streams. For more information click here

For more information contact your local EATOILS™ distributor or call us toll free (in North America Mon. - Fri. 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time) at 866 621 8244. We stock our products in our warehouses in Canada and in the United States. Visit our website at .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Testimonial: SUPERFLOW™ Drain Opener is Ideal For Air Conditioner Maintenance

Here's a testimonial from one of our distributors about our EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN DRAIN OPENER:

Last week while watching TV in my bedroom, a drop of water fell on my leg. I looked up and noticed that water had been leaking through the ceiling. Realizing that we had not had rain in over a week, I knew it couldn’t be the roof leaking and that it had to be the air conditioner. I immediately shut off the air conditioner and climbed up into the attic and discovered that the emergency drain pan was full of water - in fact it was overflowing.

Having previously been in the HVAC industry for 10 years, I knew exactly what the problem was and the numerous steps to take to correct it. I knew that not only was the primary drain pan and line clogged, but also the emergency drain line was blocked as well. I ran to the garage to grab my wet vac so that I could begin the process of vacuuming out the overflowing drain pan, and then begin the task of flushing out the drain lines as well - using the vacuum to “suck” the clog out of the drain lines.

That’s when it hit me. Try the EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ and see how it works.

I removed the access cover to the air handler and poured 6 ounces of SUPERFLOW™
into the primary drain pan and another 6 ounces into the emergency drain pan - right at the drain connection points. I then took my family to dinner.

We returned from dinner about an hour later and both drain lines were clear and running free - and all the water from the emergency drain line had cleared. EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ saved me about 2 hours of work that is normally involved in fixing this problem.

As a result of this success, I have decided that every 6 months I will pour 2 ounces of the SUPERFLOW™ into both drain lines to prevent this from ever happening again.

As the Houston, TX distributor of EATOILS™ products I am now marketing the SUPERFLOW™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN DRAIN OPENER to HVAC companies to use in their normal maintenance procedures when servicing residential as well as commercial systems.

Thanks, Doug. It is always wonderful to get great feedback from people who actually use our products . . . They really do work like we say they do!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

That's A Record: 5 Skunk Stories Today

It seems hard to believe, but we've had 5 clients call today with skunk problems. Everyone please keep up the good work and networking to let your friends and families know about our EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ products and how well they can quickly eliminate the worst odors!

Remember, these products don't just deal with skunk odor - they deal with garbage odor (great for dumpsters, garbage cans, green waste bins, garbage chutes, loading docks, hospitals, etc.), pet odors (accidents, urine, litter boxes, stains, etc.), smoke & fire odors (smoke, smoke damage, tobacco stains & odors, soot damage, etc.) , perspiration odors (sports equipment(hockey, football, gloves, skates, shoes, pads), shoe odor, laundry pre-spray, locker rooms, showers, laundry hampers, etc.) , and other organic odors (food plants, waste by-products, dairy, poultry, meat processing, wineries, etc.). - wherever there is an organic based odor problem these products are the answer - and they work fast - usually in seconds! For more info about SUPER CARPET-FRESH click here

GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN, all EATOILS™ products are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

If you know of anyone with odor problems have them call us toll free(in North America) at 866 621 8244 or come to our website at

Testimonial: EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ Really Works on Skunk Odor!

Here's a testimonial received today from one of our distributors:

YES, it does work as advertised. As the Houston, Texas, USA, distributor for EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS I am continually amazed on a daily basis at what these products can do. I enjoy reading about the successes our customers have at solving some of their toughest cleaning challenges. One that I figured that I would never have to experience first hand was how well it would work at removing skunk odor. I had never seen a skunk alive, (usually only dead on the road) much less smelled one.

The other night as I looked out the back door of our second floor deck I saw something scurrying around in the backyard, I figured it was my barn cat playing. I put my bright spotlight on it and sure enough there were 3 skunks running around in the backyard.

Later, as I let my dog into the house for the evening, I immediately smelled the most awful, heavy odor of my life. I realized at once that my dog had been sprayed by the skunk. I could tell that my dog, (Moxie) knew it too, he had this look of embarrassment and a "please help me" look on his face.

I immediately grabbed my 1/2 gallon milk jug of SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ that I keep mixed at 6 ounces to the gallon for heavy deodorizing and cleaning and rushed my dog to the bath tub. I completely wet my dog, and then poured the Super Carpet Fresh all over him, working it in gently with my fingers. Almost immediately I could tell the odor was dissipating and WITHIN 2 MINUTES THE ODOR WAS COMPLETELY GONE.

I then took my quart sprayer of SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ mixed at 2 ounces per gallon of water and sprayed the solution into the air as I walked around the house - and WITHIN 1 MINUTE the lingering effects of the odor in the house were completely gone. My wife was shocked at how well the SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ worked. Of course, I wasn't - this product has NEVER failed to do what it says it will do.

After my dog had dried I noticed he looked cleaner and smelled better than after any previous time I had given him a bath with those store bought dog shampoos. This is how I will bathe my dog from now on.

Doug Rucker, Clean and Green Solutions, GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED Green Cleaning Products for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial - Porter, Texas

Thanks Doug! It's only after you work with these products that you can truly appreciate how different and effective they really are! For more information about SUPER CARPET-FRESH click here

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clear Those Blocked + Clogged Drains With EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™

Kitchen drains blocked up with food & grease again? Shower drains clogged with hair? Bathroom drains blocked by toothpaste and soap scum? Laundry tub backing up again? Bathtub emptying slowly?

If you have any of these problems, don't call the plumber! Use EATOILSSUPERFLOW™. EATOILSSUPERFLOW is the safest, most effective drain opener on the market today! With as little as 4 oz. per treatment you can eliminate blockages, clogs and restricted pipes (even through standing water!) so your drains can run clear again - quickly. Tougher problems may require a two or three day treatment, but you'll still save hundreds of dollars on plumbers and service calls.

Check under your sink and look at the drain products you are keeping there. See the warning labels? The skeleton hand (corrosive), the skull and crossbones (poison) - read the ingredients and you'll see why these products are dangerous to keep in your home or around children!

EATOILS™ products are different. We won't sell products that can harm you or your family. Our EATOILS™ line of products are GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN - they contain no harsh chemicals, no solvents, no petroleum distillates, no VOC's - and they are safe for you and your family! Yet, these products are called 'SUPER' for a reason - they outperform traditional products and actually cost less in the long run.

Compare costs and performance for yourself - a one litre (1.11 quart) bottle will do up to 10 treatments - other products can only do half as many treatments for the same cost (or less!) - and our products won't harm your pipes or pose a risk to your family!

SUPERFLOW™ is in daily use in some of the biggest hotels, restaurants, food processors, institutions, hospitals and homes around the world. Isn't it time you stepped up and enjoyed the benefits of 'going green'? For more information about SUPERFLOW click here

Contact us toll free at 866 621 8244 (from anywhere in North America) Mon - Fri 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern time and we'll be glad to answer any of your questions. Come to our website at for further info or to order online.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

EATOILS™ BIO-SOCK™ & BIO-BLOCK™ - Great Answers For Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Oil, grease and other organic contaminants are a constant headache for municipal waste water treatment facilities and for the waste water systems that feed them. The sources of these contaminants include households, restaurants, food plants, hospitals and industrial facilities. Different foods can pose unique challenges when the waste water carrying the food moves through the sewer system. A build-up of greases and oils can attach to the walls and eventually clog even the biggest drain systems.

EATOILS™ has developed a couple of unique, reasonably priced, environmentally friendly approaches to address these problems - the BIO-SOCK™ and the BIO-BLOCK™. These amazing products can eliminate organic build-up in drain lines, sewer lines, lift stations and wet wells, thereby preventing blockages in the flow of waste water to the treatment plant. These products are designed to systematically 'time release' beneficial microbes over a month or so into the waste stream to help to degrade the oils, fats, greases, and other organic matter that can contribute to the development of a clogging mass in the system. By using this approach to pre-treat the waste stream this way, over time the entire system can be cleaned and maintained more effectively.

With the help of WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, a growing number of waste water management personnel in numerous municipalities around the globe are learning how to optimize their use of organic solutions to address some of the historical problems of running a waste water management system. These clients appreciate that WorldWare manufactures the BIO-SOCK™ in a number of different EATOILS™ blends for specific contaminants and flow rates and that WorldWare provides the technical support to help find the best solution for the client's needs.

WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. also provides a complete line of organic waste water treatment products for municipal, industrial, hospitality, and food service facilities (FOG, BOD & COD reduction, H2S reduction, clarifying, organic reduction, settling ponds, storm water system clean-up, grease trap treatment & maintenance, parts washing, oil/water separation, septic treatment, drain opening & maintenance, etc.)

If you have any questions about this or any other product from WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., please contact our office at 519 621 8244 or drop us an e-mail at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Removing Mold + Mildew From an Awning - The EATOILS™ Way

 How can you remove mold and mildew from awnings and other exterior surfaces safely and with lasting results? Use EATOILS™ BT200™ to eliminate the mold & mildew and to help prevent re-contamination.
Gary Bailey, our distributor in Mobile, Alabama, wanted to see how well our products would work on his outdoor canvas & vinyl awnings at his home as they were regularly being contaminated with brown mold. In the past, mold & mildew treatments that he tried had only lasted for a month or so and they left his awnings looking discolored for extended periods of time.

Early in February, 2009, Gary applied our EATOILS™ BT200™ in a 5% solution through a foaming system to the awnings, brushed the surface with a soft bristle brush, and allowed it to sit for 20 minutes, and then he lightly power washed the surface with a household pressure washer with a fan nozzle at 1500 psi. The results were amazing! (see the two pictures above) After he was finished cleaning the surfaces of the awning, Gary applied a light spray of the EATOILS™ BT200™ solution to all surfaces to prevent re-contamination.

Since that day in February, Gary has not touched his awnings with any product and he has enjoyed having a mold-free awning. Mobile, Alabama is on the gulf of Mexico and it is always muggy, hot, and humid there in the summertime. Due to the high humidity and the weather in the gulf the climate is quite tropical with warm humid nights and lots of rain. Gary reports that it has been particularly hot and humid this year and that his neighbors are all experiencing mold & mildew problems due to the climate.

It is now August 19, 2009, and Gary took the above video today to show how well the awning is staying clear of mold and mildew. As you can see in the video, there is virtually no recurrence of the mold or mildew on the awning surface and the awning actually looks almost like new.

Seeing is believing - and here is an example of how well our EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN products really do work on mold & mildew - in even the worst of conditions. Our products are used daily by restoration contractors and other professionals for some of the toughest cleaning challenges, yet they are safe for you and your family. For more information about BT200 click here

If you know of anyone who is encountering problems with mold & mildew - no matter how good or bad the situation is - please have them contact us toll free in North America at 866 621 8244 or internationally at 519 621 8244 or through our website at and we will be pleased to help and provide technical assistance with the problem.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Value For Money Spent - That's How To Compare Green Cleaning and Traditional Cleaning Products

How can you figure out the true value of Green Cleaning products vs Traditional Cleaning products? The only way to compare is by comparing 'apples to apples' - in other words, let's compare the true cost of each product being compared.

For Green Cleaning products this is a very important concept - the true cost of the product - because most people feel that Green Cleaning products are more expensive than traditional products. How do they come to this conclusion? Because of the price they pay for the container of cleaner!

So, let's take a serious look at the cost of Cleaning with traditional products (for this example we will use a $40.00 per case ($10.00/gallon) floor cleaner) with Green Cleaning products (for this example we will use GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ ). What are the components of the cost of cleaning? 1) Product, 2) Labor, 3) Supplies, 4) Overhead cost and 5) Cost of disposal of waste cleaning solution.

Let's start with the cost of the Product. Traditional cleaning products usually sell for a low price compared to Green products for the volume of product purchased, however, many Green products cost much less per use as they are typically more concentrated. The traditional floor cleaner is to be diluted at 8 - 12 oz/gallon or $0.9375 per gallon ($10.00 x 12/128) and the bucket is to be filled to 3 gallons = $2.8125 in product cost. Our EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ sells for approx. $220.00 per case or $55.00 per gallon. The normal dosage for SUPERFRESH™ is 1 - 2 oz/gallon - so let's err on the side of generosity and say 2 oz./gallon and we'll come up with $0.8594/gallon ($55 x 2/128) or $2.5782 in the bucket. Pretty similar costs, wouldn't you say? Well, let's see what happens.

The cost of Labor per hour is the same for both approaches, however, the time consumed is much different. In the grand scheme of things the cost of labor is the biggest cost of cleaning - not the cost of the product as you'll see in a minute. For the sake of argument, let's assume that the fully loaded rate for our staff cleaner(worker) is $15.00 per hour. Once the worker starts to use the products he/she will see a big difference - both products will go dark as the floor is being cleaned and dirt is being picked up off the floor, however, the Green product will continue to clean long after it goes dark, but the traditional product will stop its cleaning action as soon as the solution goes dark and is neutralized by the contaminants from the floor. The worker will be able to tell you how far he/she can go before the floor needs to be re-done with fresh product as the product will begin to streak the floor. This means that the cleaning solution will need to be dumped out more often for the traditional cleaning product and the total labor cost for the Green product will be substantially less.

In studies that we have conducted in schools and large facilities, the difference is quite staggering. Our studies indicate that EATOILS™ Green cleaning products go at least twice as far as the traditional cleaning products. Working at a 70% efficiency rate we have found that a cleaner will get 1-2 hours or less out of a 1/2 bucket of traditional cleaning products vs 3-4 hours or more for our EATOILS™ products on the same floor surfaces. We have also found (in three recent studies) - that given two identical High School girls' washrooms and the same cleaning staff, a washroom cleaned with SUPERFRESH™ can be maintained with half as many cleanings per day vs traditional cleaning products - and yet remain 'cleaner' throughout the study than the one maintained by traditional cleaning products.

So, getting back to our numbers, the per shift cost of labor is $120.00 (8 hours x 15.00). The worker who uses traditional cleaning product uses more product and more time to empty and refill his/her bucket (twice as often), plus he/she usually does extra steps with traditional cleaning products (mop, rinse, buff, and weekly scrub - or 3-4 times the work).

Next come the Supplies - mopheads, cloths, etc. Traditional cleaning products use harsh chemicals - high or low pH - which attack and destroy mopheads & wash cloths. In addition, the mophead will leave marks on the floor and begin to smell like mold as the traditional chemical cleaner attacks the mophead and mold & mildew work on the contaminants in the bucket and on the mophead. Our research indicates that a typical mophead will last a week in a normal, high use janitorial environment, with traditional cleaners. Using EATOILS™ products, the mophead will last up to 12 weeks. Due to the nature of our EATOILS™ products, the mopheads are not destroyed but constantly cleaned by the microbes in the product so the mophead smells like our product at the end of the day. At $12.00 per mophead per mopping area per cleaning staff member per week this could work out to a lot of money by the end of a year.

Overhead cost is next. What does it cost to keep the lights on for your cleaning staff - power for vacuums, cleaning equipment, etc., and for the water that you are using and pouring down the drain? Not a lot per bucket of cleaning fluid, but it does add up at the end of a year. If your cleaning staff can get the job done in less time and for less total cost would you consider turning off the lights and saving some more money? How about the value of re-directing their work to other cleaning activities?

Cost of disposal of Waste cleaning solution - now here's one nobody thinks about! If you are pouring harsh chemicals and dirty cleaning solution down the drain, what does it cost you? Typical traditional cleaners will attack your drains and pipes and soap scum will build up in the lines. You will probably encounter plumbing problems with slow moving drains and the odd blockage due to these products. If you use EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ when you pour the residual cleaning product down the drain, it actually opens the drains and cleans the drainlines!

What makes these products work differently than traditional cleaning products? Traditional cleaning products use solvents, harsh chemicals(high or low pH), VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and killing agents to do the cleaning work. These products are not efficient cleaning products so the finished product is a somewhat clean surface but it requires multiple cleaning steps plus regular maintenance to stay clean. EATOILS™ products use a blend of natural surfactants (that lift the dirt and grime) plus a consortium of beneficial microbes that actually deep clean all surfaces, right down to the pores and cracks to seek out and remove organic materials that tend to build up there. The microbes in the cleaning solution actually destroy and digest the organic materials from the floor in the solution in the bucket. The cleaning solution is continually cleaning the floor every time it is mopped on. In addition, after you have finished cleaning the surface with your mopping action, the microbes continue to deep clean the floor, tile & grout for up to 80 hours - working while you are sleeping to keep your surfaces clean and free of mold, mildew, oils, greases, food, and other contaminants. As a result, you can clean less often yet maintain your facility at its peak cleanliness.

So, back to our original question, let's look at the costs we have captured and quantified - product & labor, (based on the information above we know that the other areas will be less expensive with EATOILS™ products than traditional cleaners, however you'll need to calculate those for your facilities - water, overhead, supplies, etc.) In an 8 hour cleaning shift labour = $120.00 + traditional cleaner (4 x 2.8125) = 11.25 = 131.25 is the cash cost of the traditional cleaning product vs. $120.00 + (2.5782 x 2) = 5.16= $125.16 for the EATOILS™ product.

So what does this all mean?
1) Labor is the biggest cost in cleaning (over 90%) - not the chemical!

2) In an 8 hour shift you will use 1/2 as much EATOILS™ (product value) as you will for traditional cleaning products, therefore the cost of using EATOILS™ products is about 1/2 of the cost of using traditional cleaning products.

3) In an 8 hour shift you will get much more mileage out of EATOILS™ products - clean less often, save time & money. Based on this example, if you can save even 20 minutes on an 8 hour shift by using EATOILS™ products (that's only 4% more efficient) you will save the entire cost of the product - in reality you will save many times the cost of the product - so why not make the switch to green?

4) Regular use of EATOILS™ cleaning products will effectively deal with organic contaminants, mold & mildew, and maintain grout & tile. For more info about EATOILS SUPERFRESH click here

Come to our website at or call us toll free (from anywhere in North America) Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time at 866 621 8244.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

EATOILS(TM) Products Work 'Hand In Hand' With Green Disinfectants to Keep Your Facility Clean And Green

We are frequently asked, "how do your products work with Green disinfectant products?" This is a great question.

Green Disinfectant products kill germs. Most Green disinfectant products use relatively safe disinfectants like Hydrogen Peroxide in their formulas. These products kill germs on contact, then the products are neutralized and are wiped off. This approach achieves a 'germ kill' rate of near 100% to satisfy the requirements of a 'germ free' facility like a hospital or daycare centre. Disinfecting is a step in the cleaning process - and it is a very important cleaning step in high risk environments. Unfortunately, most traditional disinfecting cleaners do not clean very well and most Green Disinfectant products are great at killing germs, but poor at cleaning and removing organic and other contaminants.

Our EATOILS™ Green products deep clean and remove all kinds of soils and organic contaminants from all surfaces. Deep cleaning is a part of the cleaning process and, unlike disinfectants, our products require some dwell time to do their job well. With EATOILS cleaning products you only need to 'mop and go' - there is no rinsing required. Our products outperform traditional cleaning products at removing organic and other soils. Typically, the longer the cleaned area is left alone after cleaning, the more deep cleaning EATOILS products can do. For up to 80 hours after a surface is cleaned the 'good microbes' in our products keep on working - deep cleaning right down into the pores of tiles, grout, and cracks & crevices where organic materials can accumulate. While our products contain 'good microbes' that do the deep cleaning work, they won't remove any harmful microbes or 'germs' from these surfaces.

The optimal approach to obtain the best 'overall clean facility' is to use the two product categories in tandem or 'hand in hand'. Working together, you can get the 'best of both worlds' when you are looking for a 'Green, Clean & Germ Free environment' - here's how: - 1) Alternate times when each product is used, - 2) As disinfectants work quickly and are devastating to microbial cleaners, allow the EATOILSGREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN products the time they need to deep clean the 'food' from all surfaces (ideally overnight and 30 minutes after each disinfecting cycle) , - and 3) disinfect when necessary for a 'germ free' environment (ideally first thing in the morning and as needed throughout the day when 'GERM' events occur).

We have many clients who use this approach to keep their facilities 'Green, clean, & germ free' and safe for their employees and clients.

For further information about this topic and Best Green Cleaning Practices please come to our website at or call us toll free (in North America - Eastern time) at 866 621 8244

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EATOILS™ Does A Better Job and Costs Less Than 'Off The Shelf' Spray Cleaners!

Current situation: At your local grocery store the Cleaner Aisle is loaded with a variety of spray bottles containing specialty and general purpose cleaners. Your cleaning cupboard at home is probably also full of products that you have tried for these jobs. Some are good at one or two jobs and some just don't seem to work when you need them to. Many contain harmful or harsh chemical ingredients. If you have any 'green' cleaning products, you probably are not happy with the price/performance that they offer. Well, at EATOILS™ we've got the answer for you!

What do we offer? Looking for a great cleaning product for your every day cleaning that is also safe for you and your family? Well, EATOILSGREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN SUPERFRESH (for hard surfaces) and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ (for soft surfaces [fabric, carpet, clothing, upholstery, etc.]) are different! These products really work! And they contain no solvents, VOC's (volatile organic compounds), or harsh chemicals!

How do they work? Just put 2 ounces into a gallon of water (that's 1/2 ounce per quart or litre sprayer) and you'll have an excellent household cleaner that really works! - and it costs less than a dollar per spray bottle! These products will deep clean & deodorize all surfaces, remove mold & mildew, deep clean grout & tile, and they keep on working for up to 3 days!

Cost comparison: Most ready to use sprayer cleaners are sold for $4.00 - 6.00 per 1 litre/quart bottle (or smaller) in the store. EATOILSSUPERFRESH™ and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ are sold in concentrated form by the litre/quart, or 3.78 litre/1US gallon on our website ( through our distributors. Even with shipping the cost of our products is much less than the 'off the shelf' products - 1 litre makes up to 70 litres (less than $0.50 per spray bottle) - one gallon makes up to 256 quarts (less than $0.25 per spray bottle). At these prices this should become your everyday cleaner!

All EATOILS products are GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN. Please come to our website at or call us toll free in North America at 866 621 8244 during business hours (Eastern time) for more information.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ Deep Cleans Hotel Grout & Tile Prior to Inspection

The other day we received a call from the local Hilton Hotel looking for a solution to their dirty grout lines and marble tiles in the hotel lobby. They had tried a number of products including grout cleaner and harsh chemicals - even full strength! - but nothing was cleaning the grout to their satisfaction.

The hotel maintenance manager was anxious to find a solution to their grout problem in time for an upcoming facility inspection by corporate staff.

We sent our technician over with some EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ and in less than five minutes the staff and management could see a dramatic difference with our product diluted at just 2 ounces per gallon. For difficult to clean situations you might try a more concentrated blend. Our GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN cleaning products outperform traditional cleaners every time!

They were so happy with the results that they purchased the product right out of the technician's hands and began working on their floors right away. This is actually quite a typical scenario for our products - a short demo is usually all you need to show how well our products actually do the job!

For more information please call our toll free number at 866 621 8244 (In North America) Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time or come to our website at