Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Don't Green Bin/Box Recycling Systems Yield Higher Usage Rates?


The Green Bin/Kitchen Waste recycling system is a great idea for recycling organic waste and diverting it from landfills, but many home owners won’t use it. Why not?


Even though the Kitchen Waste box is virtually air tight (so you can’t smell the waste most of the time) when you do open it to add new material you can be overwhelmed by the strong odor of decomposing garbage! Then, a day or two later when the Kitchen Waste box is full, you get a ‘double whammy’ (first, from the Kitchen Waste box, then from the larger Green Bin!) when you open the small Kitchen Waste box to transfer the garbage to the larger Green Bin.

The majority of home owners want to ‘do the right thing’ and divert their garbage wherever possible. However, the smell can be quite offensive and many people are resistant to exposing themselves to that kind of malodor on a regular basis, so the system can be by-passed as a matter of personal convenience. Organic waste might then be put into the regular garbage stream and the investment in the recycling system will be compromised, causing the fiscal payback for the system to be extended.

So, what can municipalities do to: 1) address this situation, 2) increase usage of the Green Bin system, and 3) get the Green Bin ROI (Return On Investment) back on track?

Offer EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ GREEN BIN DEODORIZER™ to home owners so they will use their Green Bins!

SUPERFRESH™ GREEN BIN DEODORIZER™ is an GREENER-CHOICE™ ‘APPROVED GREEN’ concentrated microbial cleaner/deodorizer that eliminates smells in seconds! A daily spray into the kitchen box and the larger green box will keep those smells under control and accelerate degradation of the organic material so the smells don’t come back. As an added bonus, the product can be diluted in water and used to wash out the boxes & bins between cycles – an amazing solution to a nasty problem!


• ECOLOGO™ CERTIFIED GREEN - Safe for you and the environment
• Eliminates odors on contact!
• One spray in your green bin system and the smells are under control
• Spray the bin today & it will be bearable when you re-open it tomorrow
• Industrial strength yet safe for kids, pets, & family
• Keeps on working long after you’re done!  Works for up to 80 hours, continually   removing the sources of odors
• Amazing cleaner & deodorizer will even eliminate skunk smell in seconds!
• Fantastic deodorizer for litter boxes and regular garbage odors too!
• Dilute at 30ml/3.78l (2 oz./gal) for the best bathroom cleaner ever!
• Excellent on tile & grout, mold & mildew, smoke and perspiration stains too!
• Safe for all surfaces – contains no solvents or harmful chemicals

Special pricing for our introductory handout size 100 ml/4 oz. container will do Kitchen Waste Box spraying and cleaning for approximately 45 days.
 - $10.00 per 4 oz/100ml bottle - to order click here - call us toll free at 1 866 621 8244 about this offer.

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- 1 litre/1.11 Quart refills are available at $25.00 CDN/ $24.00 US. 

- Save money and buy 3.78L/1 US Gallon at $69.00 CDN/ $58.00 US. 

All CDN prices are quoted FOB Cambridge, ON and are subject to HST (or GST & PST).

All US prices are quoted FOB Cheektowaga, NY.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Restaurants Save Money And Avoid Problems By Using EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™

Got a busy restaurant or hotel kitchen? You can save lots of time and avoid costly charges by using our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ in your grease trap every night.

One of the worst problems in commercial kitchens is the amount of grease that builds up in the grease trap and can potentially overflow into the municipal waste water stream. What makes it so bad? The potential cost in 1) municipal fines & charges for drain maintenance, 2) lost customers because of waste water and grease backing up into washroom floor drains, 3) lost employees/high turnover because "it is a dirty job" to clean out the grease trap and employees would rather stay home than clean out this mess on a weekly basis, 4) offensive odors in your restaurant, and 5) the high cost of regular clean-outs by commercial vacuum services.

What is the alternative? Use our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN grease trap treatment - a few ounces per night is all it takes, and you can eliminate these problems (# 1, 2, 3, and 4 above) and reduce your clean-outs (#5 above) to once or twice per year (typically an 80% reduction in clean-outs can be expected by using our products on a daily basis). When you add it all up, the cost of using our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ costs much less than the potential cost of continuing with what you're doing now.

Our EATOILS™ products are all green - they contain no solvents, VOC's, Petroleum distillates or harsh chemicals, and they are safe for municipal and septic waste streams. For more information click here

For more information contact your local EATOILS™ distributor or call us toll free (in North America Mon. - Fri. 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time) at 866 621 8244. We stock our products in our warehouses in Canada and in the United States. Visit our website at .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Testimonial: SUPERFLOW™ Drain Opener is Ideal For Air Conditioner Maintenance

Here's a testimonial from one of our distributors about our EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN DRAIN OPENER:

Last week while watching TV in my bedroom, a drop of water fell on my leg. I looked up and noticed that water had been leaking through the ceiling. Realizing that we had not had rain in over a week, I knew it couldn’t be the roof leaking and that it had to be the air conditioner. I immediately shut off the air conditioner and climbed up into the attic and discovered that the emergency drain pan was full of water - in fact it was overflowing.

Having previously been in the HVAC industry for 10 years, I knew exactly what the problem was and the numerous steps to take to correct it. I knew that not only was the primary drain pan and line clogged, but also the emergency drain line was blocked as well. I ran to the garage to grab my wet vac so that I could begin the process of vacuuming out the overflowing drain pan, and then begin the task of flushing out the drain lines as well - using the vacuum to “suck” the clog out of the drain lines.

That’s when it hit me. Try the EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ and see how it works.

I removed the access cover to the air handler and poured 6 ounces of SUPERFLOW™
into the primary drain pan and another 6 ounces into the emergency drain pan - right at the drain connection points. I then took my family to dinner.

We returned from dinner about an hour later and both drain lines were clear and running free - and all the water from the emergency drain line had cleared. EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ saved me about 2 hours of work that is normally involved in fixing this problem.

As a result of this success, I have decided that every 6 months I will pour 2 ounces of the SUPERFLOW™ into both drain lines to prevent this from ever happening again.

As the Houston, TX distributor of EATOILS™ products I am now marketing the SUPERFLOW™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN DRAIN OPENER to HVAC companies to use in their normal maintenance procedures when servicing residential as well as commercial systems.

Thanks, Doug. It is always wonderful to get great feedback from people who actually use our products . . . They really do work like we say they do!

For more information about this product Click here

If you have any questions about this product or this application please call us toll free at 866 621 8244 in North America or visit our website at

Thursday, September 3, 2009

That's A Record: 5 Skunk Stories Today

It seems hard to believe, but we've had 5 clients call today with skunk problems. Everyone please keep up the good work and networking to let your friends and families know about our EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ products and how well they can quickly eliminate the worst odors!

Remember, these products don't just deal with skunk odor - they deal with garbage odor (great for dumpsters, garbage cans, green waste bins, garbage chutes, loading docks, hospitals, etc.), pet odors (accidents, urine, litter boxes, stains, etc.), smoke & fire odors (smoke, smoke damage, tobacco stains & odors, soot damage, etc.) , perspiration odors (sports equipment(hockey, football, gloves, skates, shoes, pads), shoe odor, laundry pre-spray, locker rooms, showers, laundry hampers, etc.) , and other organic odors (food plants, waste by-products, dairy, poultry, meat processing, wineries, etc.). - wherever there is an organic based odor problem these products are the answer - and they work fast - usually in seconds! For more info about SUPER CARPET-FRESH click here

GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN, all EATOILS™ products are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

If you know of anyone with odor problems have them call us toll free(in North America) at 866 621 8244 or come to our website at

Testimonial: EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ Really Works on Skunk Odor!

Here's a testimonial received today from one of our distributors:

YES, it does work as advertised. As the Houston, Texas, USA, distributor for EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS I am continually amazed on a daily basis at what these products can do. I enjoy reading about the successes our customers have at solving some of their toughest cleaning challenges. One that I figured that I would never have to experience first hand was how well it would work at removing skunk odor. I had never seen a skunk alive, (usually only dead on the road) much less smelled one.

The other night as I looked out the back door of our second floor deck I saw something scurrying around in the backyard, I figured it was my barn cat playing. I put my bright spotlight on it and sure enough there were 3 skunks running around in the backyard.

Later, as I let my dog into the house for the evening, I immediately smelled the most awful, heavy odor of my life. I realized at once that my dog had been sprayed by the skunk. I could tell that my dog, (Moxie) knew it too, he had this look of embarrassment and a "please help me" look on his face.

I immediately grabbed my 1/2 gallon milk jug of SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ that I keep mixed at 6 ounces to the gallon for heavy deodorizing and cleaning and rushed my dog to the bath tub. I completely wet my dog, and then poured the Super Carpet Fresh all over him, working it in gently with my fingers. Almost immediately I could tell the odor was dissipating and WITHIN 2 MINUTES THE ODOR WAS COMPLETELY GONE.

I then took my quart sprayer of SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ mixed at 2 ounces per gallon of water and sprayed the solution into the air as I walked around the house - and WITHIN 1 MINUTE the lingering effects of the odor in the house were completely gone. My wife was shocked at how well the SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ worked. Of course, I wasn't - this product has NEVER failed to do what it says it will do.

After my dog had dried I noticed he looked cleaner and smelled better than after any previous time I had given him a bath with those store bought dog shampoos. This is how I will bathe my dog from now on.

Doug Rucker, Clean and Green Solutions, GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED Green Cleaning Products for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial - Porter, Texas

Thanks Doug! It's only after you work with these products that you can truly appreciate how different and effective they really are! For more information about SUPER CARPET-FRESH click here

For more information about this or other EATOILS™ products, come to our website at or call us toll free (in North America) Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time at 866 621 8244.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clear Those Blocked + Clogged Drains With EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™

Kitchen drains blocked up with food & grease again? Shower drains clogged with hair? Bathroom drains blocked by toothpaste and soap scum? Laundry tub backing up again? Bathtub emptying slowly?

If you have any of these problems, don't call the plumber! Use EATOILSSUPERFLOW™. EATOILSSUPERFLOW is the safest, most effective drain opener on the market today! With as little as 4 oz. per treatment you can eliminate blockages, clogs and restricted pipes (even through standing water!) so your drains can run clear again - quickly. Tougher problems may require a two or three day treatment, but you'll still save hundreds of dollars on plumbers and service calls.

Check under your sink and look at the drain products you are keeping there. See the warning labels? The skeleton hand (corrosive), the skull and crossbones (poison) - read the ingredients and you'll see why these products are dangerous to keep in your home or around children!

EATOILS™ products are different. We won't sell products that can harm you or your family. Our EATOILS™ line of products are GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN - they contain no harsh chemicals, no solvents, no petroleum distillates, no VOC's - and they are safe for you and your family! Yet, these products are called 'SUPER' for a reason - they outperform traditional products and actually cost less in the long run.

Compare costs and performance for yourself - a one litre (1.11 quart) bottle will do up to 10 treatments - other products can only do half as many treatments for the same cost (or less!) - and our products won't harm your pipes or pose a risk to your family!

SUPERFLOW™ is in daily use in some of the biggest hotels, restaurants, food processors, institutions, hospitals and homes around the world. Isn't it time you stepped up and enjoyed the benefits of 'going green'? For more information about SUPERFLOW click here

Contact us toll free at 866 621 8244 (from anywhere in North America) Mon - Fri 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern time and we'll be glad to answer any of your questions. Come to our website at for further info or to order online.