Monday, July 26, 2010

EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ Is Great For Cleaning & Deodorizing Restaurant Dumpster Areas

Cleaning and deodorizing dumpster areas around restaurant and food service areas has long been a difficult challenge for restaurant owners and franchise operators.  No matter how often you clean the area, especially in the hotter months like now, the smell of decomposing food is very upsetting and the odor is not good for business.  Typical odor control products have a temporary effect on smell, but within hours the odor is back - with a vengeance!  As a result, many operators actually call in the refuse removal company before the bin is full, just to reduce the odor. 

Now, with the introduction of EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ for cleaning and deodorizing dumpsters and the areas around garbage bins, restaurant owners can take control of those nasty odors and keep their facilities smelling fresh and clean at all times.  This product is GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN, contains no harmful ingredients, is safe, biodegradeable, and meets all requirements for safe disposal. 

The photographs here show a dumpster area behind a Chik-Fil-A restaurant in Houston, TX, before and after cleaning and deodorizing with SUPERFRESH™.  There is still some rinse water that hasn't evaporated just in front of the bins, however, you can easily see that the residual food has been cleaned - and the odor has been removed as witnessed by the fact that the client has now signed up the contractor to clean and deodorize the area on a regular basis.

Many restaurant owners now insist that their cleaning contractors use EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ for their garbage bin areas and EATOILS™ BT200™ for their Drive-Thru's and parking areas(to remove oil and grease stains).

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Try EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ For Urinal Drip/Odor Control In Washrooms

Many of the products now in use in washroom urinal drip systems are simply strong odor 'cover up' products that frankly, don't work very well.  Typically they combine the addition of a (hopefully, but not always) pleasant scent to the urinal with a low daily cost.  This can give a false feeling of security to the business operator, as they can 'smell' the system working, however, the ongoing cost of using a 'cover up' product to control odors doesn't actually do anything to remove the source of the problem - urine

Typical chemical cleaning products used in the washroom don't actually remove urine from between tiles so the smell continues to persist.  As a result, the combination of typical cleaners and urinal drip products can actually cost you more in the long run as you usually add more urinal product than necessary to control odor plus you will have multiple cleanings during the day and added cleaning costs in the washroom.

EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ is a superior GREENER- CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN CLEANING PRODUCT using natural surfactants to deep clean all surfaces and following up with beneficial microbes that digest residual organic materials from deep down in the pores of all surfaces including tile and grout, effectively removing contaminants with a continuous, ongoing cleaning action.  EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ not only can be used to effectively clean your washrooms as part of your daily cleaning program (using 2 ounces per gallon of warm water in your wash bucket, spray bottle, 'wet swiffer type' mop, or alternative cleaning system), but it can also be diluted(4 - 6 oz/gallon of water) and used in your urinal drip system as well, providing a 'self cleaning', more odor friendly environment for your customers.  In addition, the cost of using EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ in your urinal system this way can actually be substantially less than what you are currently paying.

A recent study in a public school with two identical Girls washrooms with equal traffic and wear and tear, found that the washroom cleaned with EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ was at least twice as effective as the one cleaned with traditional cleaning products - the client needed to clean the washroom with traditional cleaning products two to three times as often as the one cleaned with EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™, consistently, over the two week study.  The EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ washroom stayed cleaner longer and the actual cleaning job was easier with the EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™.

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