Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EATOILS™ Does A Better Job and Costs Less Than 'Off The Shelf' Spray Cleaners!

Current situation: At your local grocery store the Cleaner Aisle is loaded with a variety of spray bottles containing specialty and general purpose cleaners. Your cleaning cupboard at home is probably also full of products that you have tried for these jobs. Some are good at one or two jobs and some just don't seem to work when you need them to. Many contain harmful or harsh chemical ingredients. If you have any 'green' cleaning products, you probably are not happy with the price/performance that they offer. Well, at EATOILS™ we've got the answer for you!

What do we offer? Looking for a great cleaning product for your every day cleaning that is also safe for you and your family? Well, EATOILSGREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN SUPERFRESH (for hard surfaces) and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ (for soft surfaces [fabric, carpet, clothing, upholstery, etc.]) are different! These products really work! And they contain no solvents, VOC's (volatile organic compounds), or harsh chemicals!

How do they work? Just put 2 ounces into a gallon of water (that's 1/2 ounce per quart or litre sprayer) and you'll have an excellent household cleaner that really works! - and it costs less than a dollar per spray bottle! These products will deep clean & deodorize all surfaces, remove mold & mildew, deep clean grout & tile, and they keep on working for up to 3 days!

Cost comparison: Most ready to use sprayer cleaners are sold for $4.00 - 6.00 per 1 litre/quart bottle (or smaller) in the store. EATOILSSUPERFRESH™ and SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ are sold in concentrated form by the litre/quart, or 3.78 litre/1US gallon on our website ( through our distributors. Even with shipping the cost of our products is much less than the 'off the shelf' products - 1 litre makes up to 70 litres (less than $0.50 per spray bottle) - one gallon makes up to 256 quarts (less than $0.25 per spray bottle). At these prices this should become your everyday cleaner!

All EATOILS products are GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN. Please come to our website at or call us toll free in North America at 866 621 8244 during business hours (Eastern time) for more information.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ Deep Cleans Hotel Grout & Tile Prior to Inspection

The other day we received a call from the local Hilton Hotel looking for a solution to their dirty grout lines and marble tiles in the hotel lobby. They had tried a number of products including grout cleaner and harsh chemicals - even full strength! - but nothing was cleaning the grout to their satisfaction.

The hotel maintenance manager was anxious to find a solution to their grout problem in time for an upcoming facility inspection by corporate staff.

We sent our technician over with some EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ and in less than five minutes the staff and management could see a dramatic difference with our product diluted at just 2 ounces per gallon. For difficult to clean situations you might try a more concentrated blend. Our GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN cleaning products outperform traditional cleaners every time!

They were so happy with the results that they purchased the product right out of the technician's hands and began working on their floors right away. This is actually quite a typical scenario for our products - a short demo is usually all you need to show how well our products actually do the job!

For more information please call our toll free number at 866 621 8244 (In North America) Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time or come to our website at

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spill Response - EATOILS™ Removing Oil From Soil

Every day people everywhere are dismayed to hear about fuel spills, oil spills, and leaks of hydrocarbons. Not only are there accidents at sea and on the railway lines, but also on highways and even in our own back yards. At WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., we are working together with our bio-remediation contractors to train them in the methodology of "how to use our EATOILS™ Bacterial Blends™ and BT200™ to work with nature's own little workers to clean up spills".

The insurance industry has been aware of the advantages of using microbes to treat hydrocarbon spills for several years, however, most of their experiences have not been as successful as promised. The promise is that microbial bio-remediation will cost between 1/3 and 1/10 of the cost of alternative treatment options. With the successful field tests and actual site successes of our EATOILS™ bio-remediation system many insurers are now specifying our methodology whenever they encounter a claim.

With hundreds of successfully completed projects and a wealth of experience with this process we are the industry leaders in Bio-remediation technology and microbe injection methodology in all conditions. Our contractors have an enviable record of successful hydrocarbon removal from virtually all site types and soil conditions. In addition, our results have proven time and again that the cost of bio-remediation is much less than alternative methods.

If you know of someone who has a spill to clean up, no matter how old it is, have them call our tech service personnel at (North America toll free) Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time 866 - 621-8244 or contact me directly at - with the details and we will provide them with the answers they need.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waste Water Treatment With EATOILS™ Products

Industrial and Municipal waste water streams can be full of organic contaminants and this can overload treatment facilities.

EATOILS™ waste water treatment products can minimize the impact of organics on the affected treatment facilities. Our products can reduce BOD's, COD's, odors, and make the processing of the waste stream more efficient. Designed for use at several stages in the waste water treatment process, our EATOILS™ Bacterial Blends™ can be very helpful and cost effective for both industrial and municipal clients.

If you know of someone with waste water treatment issues please call us on our toll free(in North America) number Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time - 866 621 8244 or send me an e-mail at

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cleaning and deodorizing after a fire

After the fire - Smoke odor can be unbearable - Fire restoration companies use EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ to eliminate those smoke odors!

Smoke damage can make a wonderful home uninhabitable. After a fire, quite often one room can be fire damaged and need major repairs, but the rest of the building really needs to be treated to remove the smoke damage and to deal with the smell of smoke before the residents can consider moving back in.

The smoke smell lingers and will not go away without specialized treatment. EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ will remove those lingering odors and clean all hard surfaces to make them fresh again without a lot of expense. Our restoration contractor clients have found that they can eliminate the smoke smell in as little as 5 minutes with EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ and yet it is so easy to use! Just dilute the product with warm water and wet all waterproof surfaces or wipe down more delicate surfaces with the mixture to deep clean and remove the smoke smell (walls, ceiling, floors, furniture, fixtures, etc.). A combination of natural surfactants combined with specialized microbes in SUPERFRESH™ deep clean and actually 'eat' the smoke and carbon residue without harming the base material.

For all soft surfaces you'll want to use EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ as it will handle all colorfast* surfaces (including carpet, draperies, upholstery, mattresses, fabric, clothing, etc.). We have many clients who are pleased to report that they use EATOILS™ SUPERFRESH™ and this approach for all their fire restoration jobs. These products are GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN and safe to use.

For more information come to our website at or call 519 621 8244 during business hours (Mon - Fri 9-5 Eastern time).

*col·or·fast (klr-fst) adj. Having color that will not run or fade with washing or wear: a colorfast fabric.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Removing all kinds of spots from carpet

Spots! Spots! Spots! Get rid of those spots quickly with EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ - the best spot remover we've ever seen!

Dorothy T, a new client of ours, called last week to say she had just moved into a new condo and found several ugly oily black stains on her carpeting after the former owners moved out. She had called in the professionals to clean the carpets, but she was worried that the carpet cleaners would not be able to remove the oily black marks. She bought a litre (1.11 quart) of our EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ - enough to treat the bigger stains . . . just in case.

By the time the carpet cleaners arrived to do the job she had already tried the product on the stains and was amazed at how completely the stains and the accompanying odors had disappeared - no more black marks! She particularly liked the fact that EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ is GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN and safe for home use.

After the contractors finished cleaning the entire carpet and left, she inspected the job and reported back to us, saying, "With this amazing stain remover I could have done a much better job than the professionals! - I even went back over some of their work and I found this product worked much better - and it left a fresh, clean scent!" Dorothy is now a very happy customer who is sharing her good news and happy experience with all of her friends.

EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ is an excellent product for spot removal, pre-spraying traffic areas, and full carpet cleaning(extracting). It deep cleans and quickly removes all traces of food, milk, chocolate, coffee, tea, wine, pet accidents, blood, grass, etc., right through the carpet and padding.
Have you ever looked closely at an old carpet when it is removed? The back still shows every stain that ever happened since it was laid down. It is no wonder that older carpets can get odors and smell 'musty' over time.
As you can see by the picture above, many liquid stains are not just on the surface - but deep in the carpet, out of sight. Most carpet cleaning products only deal with what you see, leaving the deeper stain "out of sight". Our EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ cleans deep into the carpet and beyond - to remove all of the stain and any odors that might re-emerge on a humid day. The result: - the stain is gone and it isn't coming back! Plus your carpets stay fresh and clean for years to come.

We have many professional carpet cleaners who use our EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ with great success - and they are quick to report that when they use our products they have virtually no call backs! The products really do work exceptionally well and they report a noticeable increase in their referral business.

For more information, come ot our website at (where you will find videos of the product working on actual carpet stains) or call us Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern time (North America - toll free at 866 621 8244) at 519 621 8244.