Thursday, August 27, 2009

EATOILS™ BIO-SOCK™ & BIO-BLOCK™ - Great Answers For Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Oil, grease and other organic contaminants are a constant headache for municipal waste water treatment facilities and for the waste water systems that feed them. The sources of these contaminants include households, restaurants, food plants, hospitals and industrial facilities. Different foods can pose unique challenges when the waste water carrying the food moves through the sewer system. A build-up of greases and oils can attach to the walls and eventually clog even the biggest drain systems.

EATOILS™ has developed a couple of unique, reasonably priced, environmentally friendly approaches to address these problems - the BIO-SOCK™ and the BIO-BLOCK™. These amazing products can eliminate organic build-up in drain lines, sewer lines, lift stations and wet wells, thereby preventing blockages in the flow of waste water to the treatment plant. These products are designed to systematically 'time release' beneficial microbes over a month or so into the waste stream to help to degrade the oils, fats, greases, and other organic matter that can contribute to the development of a clogging mass in the system. By using this approach to pre-treat the waste stream this way, over time the entire system can be cleaned and maintained more effectively.

With the help of WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, a growing number of waste water management personnel in numerous municipalities around the globe are learning how to optimize their use of organic solutions to address some of the historical problems of running a waste water management system. These clients appreciate that WorldWare manufactures the BIO-SOCK™ in a number of different EATOILS™ blends for specific contaminants and flow rates and that WorldWare provides the technical support to help find the best solution for the client's needs.

WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. also provides a complete line of organic waste water treatment products for municipal, industrial, hospitality, and food service facilities (FOG, BOD & COD reduction, H2S reduction, clarifying, organic reduction, settling ponds, storm water system clean-up, grease trap treatment & maintenance, parts washing, oil/water separation, septic treatment, drain opening & maintenance, etc.)

If you have any questions about this or any other product from WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., please contact our office at 519 621 8244 or drop us an e-mail at

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