Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EATOILS SUPERSEP Eliminates Sugar Snake in Soda Fountains

What is a sugar snake?  A sugar snake is a phenomenon that can occur in a soda fountain drain in a busy restaurant or bar.  When drinks are poured in a soda fountain there is always a small amount of overflow that goes down the drain.  As the drain is constantly receiving a dripping flow of sugary soda drink residue, there is a constant food source for bacteria living in the drain - the sugar.  Colonies of sugar eating bacteria gather to digest the sugar and eventually they form a solid cane or 'snake' appearance inside the drainline (something like a colony of coral would do in a coral reef, only they have nowhere to grow but within the confines of the drainline).  This is called a sugar snake.  It is not made of sugar, but it looks like sugar - so it was always thought to be a column of sugar, hence, the name - sugar snake.  Over time, the sugar snake grows large enough to hinder the flow of waste to the sanitary drain and it can disrupt the function of the fountain drain system.  When this happens the sugar snake needs to be removed - usually with a pair of needle nose pliers.  Typical drain openers don't work on this type of problem.

At WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. we have developed a range of products using beneficial microbes that outperform traditional products and methods at the jobs that they do.  We have products for cleaning, deodorizing, degreasing, and a multitude of applications. 

Our EATOILS™ SUPERSEP™ is a good example of this type of product.  SUPERSEP™ is exceptionally good at breaking up the 'sugar snake' and keeping the drainline running clear.  A daily dose of 4 ounces of SUPERSEP™ poured down the drain at night will clear up and prevent sugar snakes in soda fountains. 

This product is also ideal for maintaining other drains and grease traps in these facilities as the drains typically clog with organic materials and the microbes in our products attack and digest these organic materials and keep the lines running free. 

We work with municipalities and water utilities with their waste water treatment plants and to address blockages in sewer lines, caused by food facilities and restaurants.  Our products don't harm pipes or waste water systems and they work together with the microbes used in the waste water treatment facilities.  Enforcement and inspection staff at the utilities and municipalities suggest the restaurants and food processors use our EATOILS™ products to address and clear up any problems they may have with organic materials. All of our EATOILS™ products are GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN.

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