Friday, June 14, 2013

Hydraulic Oil Stains On Asphalt? EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM) Safely Fades Them Away

Oil stains of any kind on asphalt or roadways can be an ugly mess. They can leave the pavement with a dark stain that will look bad for years! EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM) actually fades away the stains in just a few weeks. After the initial cleaning and brushing with a 'street broom', at 5:1 (5 parts water to 1 part BT200(TM)), then rinse to remove discoloration and 'free oil'(if you can see a rainbow of oil products on the surface when rinsing you still have 'free oil' and should re-apply until the rainbow disappears) - capture all rinse water and dispose via sanitary drain. Then follow up with weekly spraying of the stain with a 5:1 mixture - do not rinse. These are the instructions to get results like these.

Here's an example of one of the worst hydraulic spills we've seen, as documented by one of our clients.
Hydraulic oil spilled on asphalt several weeks after spill - as at April 10, 2013.

Keith Drew of Renew Crew of Greenville, in Greenville, SC, was challenged with a really bad hydraulic oil stain at the local Honda dealership. Keith and his crew were called in to try to make the problem go away. Keith called us to see how our EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM) could help to remove the stain.  We gave him the tools he needed to do the job and this is his feedback - Here's what he wrote to us on May 15th.
Same spill May 13, 2013, after one month of weekly spraying with  EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM)
"As you can see this spill happened at a Honda Dealership in Greenville, SC. They were taking a delivery of new cars from a auto transporter, when the transporter blew a hydraulic line. Obviously the hydraulic oil spewed everywhere and they were unable to move the transporter so it continued spilling unabated for a while. The dealership went back and forth with the transporter company for several weeks before calling us and even threatened to sue if the spill was not cleaned up or the lot repaved. 

 The transport company called us to clean up the spill - and we told them that hydraulic oil on asphalt is one of the hardest spills to clean up - especially a month after the spill occurred. So, we told them we would not be able to help them to clean up the spill. They begged us to at least try and after researching your product(EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM)), we  told them we would try but would not guarantee any type of result. Their answer was that if we tried and failed, they were really no worse off and would have to deal with it a different way. They felt our charge of $2,500 was worth at least trying - and a relatively small amount of money in the grand scheme. 

So far the results have shown gradual improvement, although the client  recognizes there is still a way to go. I go weekly to spray with BT200(TM) solution and always take a picture of the same spot so we can document the difference." 
Same spill June 3, 2013 after 8 weeks of weekly spraying with  EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM)

Here's Drew's comment from June 3, 2013. "I think this is truly amazing! I was very skeptical when we began this process but I have to say I’m a true believer now. I think maybe one or two more applications and we'll be done!!!"
Same spill June 19, 2013 after 10 weeks of weekly spraying  with EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM)
Here's Drew's final comment from June 19, 2013, "The final pictures …. There is some slight discoloration but that is just because it is wet. We had a rain shower earlier and that is residual rain. Essentially the oil stains are gone!" Thanks Drew for documenting the progress.

So many people are hesitant to believe that our BT200(TM) actually works to remove oil stains from asphalt - but here's the photographic proof - the stain has faded back completely without any harmful effect on the pavement. As Keith says, use BT200(TM) and you won't even know there was a spill.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Portable Toilet Odors? Use EATOILS(TM) BIOBLAST(TM)

Portable Toilet? BIOBLAST(TM) can help.

There is a better way to deal with that odor!

Portable toilets can be a source of some nasty odors. EATOILS(TM) BIOBLAST(TM) is a great product for treating the source of those odors and making your portable toilet more appealing to those in need.

EATOILS(TM) BIOBLAST(TM) is a great product for cleaning and deodorizing the entire system and for treating the containment area so it stays fresh smelling for days. Our product attacks the odor causing materials naturally, breaking them down, and controlling those odors at their source. This helps to promote a healthy environment by controlling pests and making the waste materials break down naturally. This product is GREENER-CHOICE(TM) APPROVED GREEN.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clogged Bathtub Drain? Slow Bathtub Drain? Use EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™

Is your bathtub clogged or running slow? Do you need a great and effective drain opener? Is your drain running slowly causing your bathtub to drain for long periods? Have you tried plunging the tub drain without success? When plunging just isn't enough . . .
Typical clogged drain after plunging - It's time to use SUPERFLOW

You should pour some EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ down the drain and leave it overnight. When you come back in the morning the drain will be running freely! We have thousands of clients who use this product whenever their drains are acting up.  Usually, it only takes one treatment to clear the blockage. Occasionally, if the blockage is extra tough, you may need to repeat the process for a second night.

EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ is used by professionals in hotels, convention centers, hospitals, restaurants - both large and small, commercial and industrial facilities. It's GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN so it is safe for you to use at home too!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oil Stains On Concrete? BT200(TM) To The Rescue!

Do you have one of these? EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM) can help.
This Is What It Looked Like When Sam Furman And His Crew Arrived

Here's BT200(TM) As It Is Being Used

And After The Work Was Done, This Is What It Looked Like – CLEAN AGAIN!

Sam Furman and his crew at The Ground UP in Loves Park, IL are used to working hard and have lots of experience cleaning some of the toughest jobs in their area. Last spring Sam started working with us and began using our EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM) for removing oil stains from concrete.

Recently, Sam dropped us a line with these pictures to show some examples of the types of work he does and how well our BT200(TM) performs for him. Thanks for the pictures, Sam – BT200(TM) really did the job for you.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Silk Shirt And Red Wine – Not Usually A good Combination – SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ To The Rescue

One of our regular customers dropped by today to tell us all about her most recent experience with our products. She says,

“My son bought a beautiful bright silk shirt when he was in Italy last year. He loves that shirt so much that he wears it for most special occasions. Last summer, he decided to wear it to a friend's wedding. While at the reception, unfortunately, someone accidentally spilled some red wine on it, leaving a big ugly stain. By the time he got home he was devastated - and he was ready to throw the shirt away as a lost cause.

I suggested we give EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ a chance. He was ready to give up and say goodbye to his lovely shirt, but I persevered and started to clean the shirt with some of the SUPER CARPET-FRESH that I had in the cupboard. I sprayed the stain, rubbed it together, and let it sit overnight - in spite of my son's protests. By the morning the entire stain was gone and the shirt looked like new again. My son couldn't believe it. Now he keeps a bottle of SUPER CARPET-FRESH by his washing machine too – just in case!

I always keep mine handy for any type of stain – salad oil, milk, coffee, chocolate, pet accidents . . . and now red wine – it works wonders!” Thanks, Shirley!

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