Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clean and Green Solutions and EATOILS BT200 clean up hydraulic fluid mess in Houston Texas

Clean and Green Solutions, one of our US distributors, was recently called to the Chick-Fil-A restaurant located at West Lake Houston Parkway and FM1960 in Humble, TX to clean up this hydraulic fluid that had leaked from the waste collection truck that services the restaurant. Cleaning up this mess only took 20 minutes and less than 1/2 gallon of EATOILS™ BT200™ Certified Green Degreaser. How?

First they sprayed the stained area with a light mist of water, then they poured EATOILS™ BT200™ full strength on different areas of the stain and scrubbed it in using a street broom just until the solution reached a white lather. That took one man only 20 minutes to do.  Then they walked away and let the BT200™ eat the oil and hydraulic fluid away. The billions of beneficial microbes in BT200™ keep on working for up to 80 hours to remove and digest oil and grease stains from deep in the pores of concrete and asphalt.  

They could have gone back and power washed the area, but within 48 hours there was a rainstorm and the stained area was completely cleaned with nature's own rain - leaving the area free of all hydraulic and oil stains. 

As an added bonus, the BT200™ would have continued to clean any area where the rainwater took it, removing any residual hydrocarbon staining that it encountered along the way.  EATOILS™ BT200™ is used extensively in soil and water in-situ remediation around the world as a safe, cost effective alternative to digging and hauling. This product is GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN.

Materials used: A little water, less than 1/2 gallon of BT200™, (about $22.00 worth). Man Hours used, 20 minutes. Results, total and environmentally safe removal of all oil and fluid stains and - NO DISPOSAL COSTS.

If you are interested in a low cost, user friendly, way to clean up oil and gasoline spills like this that is safe for the environment, please contact us toll free at 866 621 8244.  Come to our website at www.eatoils.com

Pro Power Wash and EATOILS BT200 Clean Drive Thru for Chick-Fil-A in Houston, Texas

Pro Power Wash, a sister company of Clean and Green Solutions, one of our US distributors, recently received a contract to keep the parking lot and drive thru areas clean for the Chick-Fil-A restaurant located at West Lake Houston Parkway and FM 1960 in Humble, TX.

Pro Power Wash uses the EATOILS™ BT200™ Certified Green Degreaser to remove all oil stains, food and beverage stains, and tire marks from concrete, asphalt and even soil. Using the BT200™ full strength, Pro Power Wash applies water to the heavily stained areas, followed by BT200™ full strength, scrubbed into the concrete until a white lather appears, and then it is allowed to sit for 60 minutes. The drive thru is then power washed using a concrete scrubber, (3500 psi at 5.6 gpm) and the concrete is returned to - 'like new' condition.

Matt Michaels, Chick-Fil-A operator says, "I have never seen our parking lot and drive thru area this clean. That BT200™ is awesome, you have made me a believer"

For more information on our GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN EATOILS™ BT200™ as well as other EATOILS™ products, please contact us toll free at 866 621 8244, Monday -Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time.  Come visit our website at www.eatoils.com

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


BEFORE  - - - -       Mildew on vinyl  - - - AFTER
How can you get rid of mold and mildew on fences, decks, concrete and stone work, patio furniture, vinyl awnings and gazebos, shelters, etc without using harsh chemicals?  Well, we just happen to have a few good pictures of EATOILS™ BT200™ doing just that!

Over the years we have encountered a number of situations where mold and mildew have attacked surfaces and left a serious discoloration.  As we do not like to use bleaches or other harsh chemicals in anything that we do we have found that EATOILS™ BT200™ is an ideal mold and mildew cleaner and preventer.

Just mix at approx. 4 oz./gal (30ml/L) and spray it on the surface to wet it down.  Wait for about 30 minutes and agitate with a stiff brush (for softer materials use a softer brush) - you'll see the mold and mildew break down and release from the surface. Rinse and repeat.  Older problems will take multiple applications.  The mold & mildew will disappear and the residual product will help to prevent re-infestation.

AFTER mold & mildew on concrete step BEFORE
We have tried this approach on all kinds of surfaces and the product will not harm the surface in any way as there are no harmful chemicals, solvents, or damaging materials whatsoever in the product.  In fact, the product is GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN and safe for the environment.

If you can't get it clean with traditional cleaning products, give us a call - we may have the answer for you.  Call us toll free at 866 621 8244 during office hours (9:00 - 5:00 Eastern Time Monday - Friday) or visit our website at www.eatoils.com