Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Testimonial - EATOILS(TM) SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM) Works Wonders At Cleaning Up Smoke And Tar Stains In A Residential Property

Regularly, we mention actual applications where our products have been used to clean up after smoke and fire damage, but these products are excellent for cleaning up after folks who smoke in their homes too!  Here is a testimonial from one of our regular clients, Justin Loucks, our local Allstate Insurance agent here in Cambridge.  Justin also uses this product on his hockey equipment to control odors.
justin writes: "I am sending you this e-mail to thank you for providing me with such a wonderful product EATOILS(TM) SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM). Last year I was given the task of cleaning and painting my grandparent's house as it had been up for sale for several months without any offers. My Grandparent's were extremely heavy smokers and the house smelled like an 'ash tray' and had a film coating of smoke tar on all the walls. I knew that painting the walls would help the house cosmetically but it would not be able to get rid of the odour. Thank you for recommending the SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM).
I used the SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM) to clean off all the walls and it worked wonders. Just from spraying the walls you could see the tar lift right off without even scrubbing. We used it to clean the entire main level and immediately you could notice an improvement in the air quality - and the smoke odour was quickly going away. The next day we painted the walls and after we were done you would not be able to notice that anyone had smoked inside the house. I am really thankful to Charles and his EATOILS(TM) products as they work like magic - it is a good feeling knowing you are using a product 1) that is eco-friendly, and 2) that does not contain  hazardous chemicals (like the competition).
Amazingly, the house sold the very next week.
I have attached a photo of one of the rooms... it doesn't show the SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM) in action but you get the idea! :)"
Justin's Grandparents home during the cleanup

Thank you Justin.  So, there you have it - another happy customer who loves our SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM) product - not only for soft surfaces like hockey equipment and carpet, fabric and upholstery, but also for hard surface cleaning and deodorizing - like walls, ceilings, floors and counters too!  This really is a product for virtually all of your household cleaning jobs - it outperforms most other products, and when you factor in the cost, it is usually much more cost effective than other cleaning products.  For most cleaning applications you only use 2 oz. of product per gallon of warm water - so you get 17 gallons of cleaner from every litre/1.11 qt. bottle of concentrate - that's less than $1.50 per gallon of powerful cleaner!  Compare at $3 - $4 or more per quart bottle of ready to use product in the store. . .

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Smoke, Fire, Flood, Mold and Mildew? We Can Help!

Some of the worst cleaning problems out there are related to cleaning up after a fire or water damage situation.  If you have to clean up after a fire, or flood or water damage we have the products you need to bring your home or business back to life.  With the recent damages caused on the east coast of North America by Hurricane Sandy, Contractors and restoration companies are scrambling to find a cost effective solution to help clean up the mess - Give us a call!  We have the products you are looking for - Toll free 866 621 8244.

Our EATOILS(TM) ECOLOGO(TM) CERTIFIED GREEN cleaning products are used by professional restoration companies every day:

- EATOILS(TM) SUPERFRESH(TM) is used for hard surface deep cleaning and deodorizing applications - specializing in smoke, perspiration, animal odors, urine, sewage, and food odors.  For more information about this product click here.

- EATOILS(TM) SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM) is used like SUPERFRESH(TM), but for all soft surfaces including carpeting, draperies, upholstery, clothing, fur, etc.  For more information about this product click here.

- EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM) is used for deep cleaning of soot and carbon deposits from fire, oils and grease, and mold and mildew on all surfaces - hard and soft - and it is a great product for removing oil and grease stains from concrete, asphalt, and even soil.  For more information about this product click here.

If your clean-up problems are small enough for you to handle yourself(without a requirement for wallboard demolition and reconstruction) or where a good cleaning will bring back the property to acceptable, live in condition, then you can use the products yourself and breathe life back into your damaged property.

For more information about these products please come to our website.  You can also call us toll free Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern time at 866 621 8244.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Have More Than One Cleaning Challenge? You Can Mix And Match EATOILS(TM) Products For Even Better Results!

Sometimes you run into a cleaning problem that combines two or more cleaning needs - food and grease, chocolate and salad oil, even sweat and grime . . .

When you need the combined cleaning power of EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM) and SUPERFRESH(TM) for deep cleaning oil and grease and deodorizing or hard surface cleaning or BT200(TM) and SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM) to remove grease stains and food stains from carpet or SUPERFRESH(TM) and SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER(TM) for smelly food grease combined with other food stains - just go ahead and mix our products together; 1 - 2 ounces of each product in a gallon of warm water - and you'll get the synergistic benefits of combining two winning formulas together.

As there are no harmful ingredients in any of our EATOILS(TM) GREENER-CHOICE(TM) APPROVED GREEN products, you can mix and match them, to suit your needs and you'll see that they do work well together.

For more information about how you can use our cleaning products together please call us toll free Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern time at 866 621 8244.