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EATOILS(TM) Products Used To Clean Up Diesel Tanker Spill On Highway In Northern Ontario

Illustration 1: Typical Example of a Diesel Tanker Truck Rollover on a rural road in winter
In April, 2012, a tanker truck, containing a full load of diesel fuel, was disabled and rolled over on a highway in Northern Ontario, spilling diesel fuel onto the adjacent land, wetland, and waterway. The truck was removed and an initial site clean up was completed. Representatives from the MOE(Ministry of the Environment) and MNR(Ministry of Natural Resources) were consulted, soil and water samples were taken, and the residual amount of contamination was determined to be sufficient to initiate a remediation program as soon as possible. The impacted area was approximately 50 ft. X 50 ft. X 1-2 ft of depth. The water table was below the impacted site at approximately 5 ft. (initial levels of TPH were determined to be 300,000 ppm(parts per million) on site).

The client called our office and advised us of the details involved and we put together a treatment program to address the particular characteristics of the site – large wetland area on one side of the road where the tanker had lost the fuel, with a waterway leading out of the wetland into a culvert below the roadway and out to a creek bed on the other side of the road.

Product was prepared and shipped to the contractor's location and delivered the following day. Over the next 4 days the site received 4 – 6 inches of snow. In the meantime, the contractor was building his equipment to treat the site and he was able to apply the first treatment as the snow was melting – a few days later. Our remediation plan called for a staged dosing of oil eating microbes, natural surfactants plus nutrients for a period of 35 days. Readings were taken on the 25th day and the TPH had dropped to below 6000 ppm. On the 50th day additional readings were taken and levels were below detectable range for TPH but a few individual fractals were reported in the 200-250 ppb(parts per billion) range. Even though the microbes were continuing to reduce the hydrocarbons, an additional dose of microbes was added on the 61st day, just to be sure that the site would be released as clear in the next few days.

Independent readings were taken at the site and they confirmed our preliminary findings. The site was released and the bog was only minimally impacted by the remediation process.

Our products are used daily by professionals in all seasons to treat situations like this one – if you encounter a situation like this give us a call at our toll free number – 866 621 8244 Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:00 Eastern time and we'll be happy to provide you with a timely, cost effective solution to hydrocarbon contaminated soil or water. Come to our website at to see our other products and information.

Another Personal Skunk Experience and Testimonial

Here's a testimonial direct from one of our customers about our SUPERFRESH(TM)
Dear Mr. Robinson,

Good Morning - I am contacting you directly - hoping you can point me to a local distributor in my area. (New Hampshire)
I would like to purchase more of the super fresh solution - PRONTO!  =)

A little background on why I LOVE your products...

A year ago while still living in The Woodlands, TX - my dogs were sprayed by what I christened "The Atomic Skunk".  Making the situation even more problematic - Our home was on the market for sale and we had back to back showings scheduled.  I was in a state of full blown panic.

My husband - who was of course out of town - did some very detailed internet searches and found your distributor, Doug Rucker from Kingwood, Texas.

Doug was at my home bright and early the next morning.  He was extremely professional - calmed me down - explained about the product - how it worked
and what he was going to do.  The house and dogs were totally covered in skunk smell.  It was BAD...   I thought - we are NEVER going to get this smell out.
And we were NEVER going to sell our beautiful - but now smelly - home.   

I am VERY happy to admit I was wrong.  Doug literally is my hero!!!   He helped me with the dogs.  Sprayed the ENTIRE 3500 square foot house several times
and promised that if the odor was not gone in 24 hours - he would be back and keep coming back until it was taken care of.

I figured - at the very least - I the house would need to be treated at least one more time.  As the hours ticked by - the odor abated.  

As part of the service that Doug performed - he left me with a small concentrated bottle of solution and a large spray bottle already mixed and filled. We did need to douse the dogs several more times - but - the odor control was highly effective and I was thankful to be able to use a product that would not hurt them.

Since that fateful day - we sold the house very shortly thereafter and completed our move to New Hampshire. The solution that Doug left with us is nearly gone - and I have used it time and again to get rid of some really tough "doggie" stains and odors.

Which brings me to 8:30 pm last night when - sure enough - the dog got sprayed again!!!   I was down to my last few ounces of product and mixed the rest of it into the spray bottle with a little more water and went right to work.   

Doug was kind enough to send me info on how to order the product online and have it shipped, which I will happily do - but - if there is a business in the area that sells the product - I would love to get my hands on some quickly.  Either way - I am a confirmed believer in this magic spray!!!

Very Best Regards and I look forward to hearing from you.

M. B.
North Hampton - New Hampshire

Well, we were able to put our customer in touch with a local distributor(4 Beacons Marketing) and they looked after her right away.  The product?  Our EATOILS SUPERFRESH.

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