Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Should Try Our EATOILS™ SUPER DEGREASER™ For Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen grease - what a nasty job to clean it - especially on the kitchen exhaust hood in a busy restaurant!  Many restaurants leave this dirty job to the professionals and call them in on a regular schedule to remove the heavy build-up of greases in the hoods, primarily for fire prevention.  Most hood cleaning professionals use a dangerous caustic cleaning solution like sodium hydroxide to attack grease on the hood.  These caustic solutions require the use of gloves, respirators, and other safety equipment and they can be dangerous to your employees' health, eyes, skin, clothing, etc.  As a result, most hood cleaning is done late at night when the restaurant staff is off premises.

Now, with the introduction of safe, environmentally friendly microbial cleaning products like EATOILS™ SUPER DEGREASER™ you can do these nasty jobs with a much safer product and save on outside cleaning costs.  This product is so safe you can use it without gloves for most cleaning/degreasing applications around the kitchen, however for hood cleaning we suggest you use SUPER DEGREASER™ in hot water with gloves, a stiff polybrush and a mop bucket due to the possibility of contacting a variety of harmful pathogens from the hood surface.  Using a 10-20% solution (10 - 5 parts water to 1 part of SUPER DEGREASER™) you can easily remove most grease deposits on the hood & filters in the following way: 1) Apply the solution to the surface by spraying it on or by painting it on, 2) allow it to sit for 15 - 25 minutes or so, 3) brush the area with the polybrush to remove the deposits of grease, fats and oils from the hood surface, then, 4) rinse the surface to remove any residue.  Scraping or pressure washing can also remove these deposits once SUPER DEGREASER™ has been applied.  Older or "burnt on" deposits may require a longer dwell time. This product is GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN.

As with any cleaning job, daily maintenance can make the job go much faster.  A nightly regimen of cleaning the hood and filters with SUPER DEGREASER™ at the end of the cooking shift can keep a busy kitchen clean and safe from potentially dangerous hood fires.

Some clients find that a pre-shift (morning) spray of the product in a 10% solution on the upper surfaces of the hood and filters can make the nightly cleaning go much faster.  The product is also great for degreasing all kitchen surfaces including; stove tops, equipment, grills, etc. - in fact, anywhere cooking greases can be found!

EATOILS™ SUPER DEGREASER™ is available in the following sizes:- 1 US Gal (3.78L) jug, 5 US Gal (18.9L) pail, and 55 US Gal (208L) drum.

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  1. Sounds like a great product. I would love to see it in action. I have tried several "green" products for hood cleaning and none of them measured up to good ol' caustic. If it works as you well as you say, I would love to do a write up about it on my site: and help you promote it. I think the safety issues are a concern to a lot of restuarant hood cleaning business owners and I would love to help you get this product out. But it HAS to work.

    The Hood Cleaning Helper

  2. Hi Anthony,

    We have a number of restaurants using this plus a few chicken processing plants use it as a daily drip to keep their exhaust fans working above their conveyor ovens throughout the long week of production. We also have a number of hood cleaning and filter cleaning accounts that use it for soaking, foaming and generally replacing the caustics. It is not as fast as caustic and super hot water, but with 110 F water and agitation it will do an excellent job in a reasonable timeframe. I welcome your feedback. Charles Robinson, National Sales Manager.