Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Slow Drains? Blocked drains? Try EATOILS(TM) SUPERFLOW(TM) and Clear Them FAST!

Available in 1 L(1.11 Qt), 1 Gal, & 5 Gal Sizes
Blocked or slow moving drains can be a real problem, especially if they continually back up or cause nasty odors.  Our EATOILS(TM) SUPERFLOW(TM) Industrial Strength Drain Opener is a quick and safe solution for opening clogged drains, clearing slow moving drains and even unblocking blocked drains - it opens the toughest drains and helps to keep lines clear.  Use it as a night time treatment when drains are slow(usually one night is enough) or occasionally as part of your regular maintenance program, keeping your drains in a sound working order.

EATOILS(TM) SUPERFLOW(TM) Industrial Strength Drain Opener is GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN so it is safe for you and your employees and even safe for you to use at home.  Our clients for this product include restaurants, food plants, hotels, hospitals, all types of commercial and industrial cleaning contractors, and home users.  Safe for pipes and septic systems yet highly effective at keeping lines clear.  For more information about this product click here

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