Wednesday, August 18, 2010


EATOILS™ BIOBLAST™ makes easy work of the difficult job of removing cobwebs and spider infestations.

Our distributor in Houston, Texas, Clean And Green Solutions, runs across these types of jobs in their daily routine as a contract cleaning company that handles the problems that other companies just avoid due to the challenges that they can present.  Here is how they handled a recent job:
"Clean and Green Solutions, the Houston,TX distributor for EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN Cleaning products was recently called out to this home in Kingwood, TX. The owner of the property had just listed the home for sale and needed an environmentally safe way to remove the cobwebs and spider infestation. As you see in the 'before' picture there was quite a buildup of spider matter around the window frames  and under the roof line. Most exterior cleaning service companies will use bleach diluted with water to remove cobwebs. The problem with using bleach to remove cob webs is that you have to use way more bleach than water. Usually about 75% bleach to water. Then, when you apply the bleach and water mixture to the exterior of the home the mixture will fall onto all the landscaping & vegetation below the house. Even if you were to cover and protect the landscaping with tarpaulins or plastic sheeting, you could still get bleach damage to the vegetation, as it typically runs off the covering material during the cleaning plus when you remove the covering at the end of the rinsing phase. This is a very unsafe and environmentally unfriendly way to remove cobwebs, both for the user for the surrounding environment.
Here is how Clean and Green Solutions removed the cob webs in an environmentally safe way: They filled a five gallon bucket with water till it was 75% full, and then added 1/2 gallon of EATOILS™ BIOBLAST™ . Using a power washer, (3500 psi, 6gpm) equipped with a DOWNSTREAM chemical injector placed at the first 50 feet of hose, we thoroughly applied the EATOILS™ BIOBLAST™  to the exterior of the home. Then using a zero degree tip and keeping the wand approximately 10 feet from the house, working top to bottom, the cob webs easily fell off the house. As you can see on the 'after' picture, above, the signs of spiders have all been removed from the house, leaving a beautiful exterior that anyone would be proud to own. 

We have used EATOILS™ BIOBLAST™ many times for cob web removal and have always found it to be the most economical and safest way to remove cob webs whether the infestation is heavy or light.  On single story homes the use of a pressure washer is not required. Simply mix the EATOILS™ BIOBLAST™ in a garden type pump up sprayer at 6 ounces to a gallon of water. Spray on the cob webs, then remove with a garden hose or broom.

You will find many more uses for EATOILS™ BIOBLAST™ than just for cob web removal. EATOILS™ BIOBLAST™ will remove the strongest of odors, it's great for kennel areas, farm buildings, it returns tile and grout to it's original color and beauty, and is an excellent environmentally safe drain and septic maintenance treatment."

Doug Rucker is the owner of Clean And Green Solutions.  Thanks for the posting, Doug!
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