Friday, February 19, 2010

Smelly Sports Equipment/Sports Bag? Get this.

Smelly Sports Equipment/Sports Bag? Get this.

Hello everyone. This is a note to show you a new way that we are using to let end users know about our products. We are launching a few items on websites to let people know about our SPORTFRESH™ Sports Equipment Odor Eliminator™. This is a 'Ready To Use' formula for individuals to use to keep their equipment odor free. For larger clients we will sell them the concentrated formula as we've done in the past. This product is GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN.

This is the first in a line of consumer products that WorldWare Enterprises Ltd. will be offering our clients. For further information or to inquire about distributor opportunities please call us toll free at 866 621 8244.  Come to our website at

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  1. Who would want to use smelly sports gear? Me neither? But it's good that you were able to come up with the product. I suppose nothing really beats using a new sports gear that doesn't smell strong dyes and animal skin.