Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Removing oil stains from pavement

One of the toughest jobs that our industrial and homeowner clients describe to us is: Removing oil stains from asphalt or pavement. Oil stains can occur from drips from automobiles, hydraulic spills, vehicular accidents and many other unfortunate events - and the stains can be very dramatic and upsetting to the property owner. Many products have been tried however, until now none have delivered satisfactory results. 

Since paving material is manufactured with a petroleum based oil (it is the binder/tar that holds the pavement together) any other oil that drops on the surface quickly becomes a part of the pavement and leaves a long-lasting stain. For sites with regular spills like parking spots, parking lots and commercial properties, the added oil can actually deteriorate the pavement over time leading to costly repairs and resurfacing.

Our clients have found that our EATOILS™ BT200™ is an ideal product for this type of problem on concrete which is actually a poured stone with a very porous finish. Oils and grease become trapped inside the pores of the concrete and it is very difficult to remove the stains with regular degreasers. BT200™ was originally designed for concrete cleaning and it has proven to be an excellent product for removing some of the worst surface oil and grease stains quickly and effectively due to its microbial cleaning action. BT200™ is also excellent for superior deep cleaning of concrete for contractors who want to seal or paint on these surfaces after cleaning.

Recently, our clients have reported similar successes with BT200™ on oil stained asphalt surfaces. Deep cleaning asphalt or pavement is a slower process than concrete due to the nature of the pavement, a mixture of stones held together with an oil based binder. Instead of cleaning the stain in a single treatment like on concrete, pavement requires several treatments over a few weeks to yield similar results. The pictures above represent the before and after shots for a spill created from drips from a car that was freshly undercoated with rustproofing fluid ( the first picture was on the second day after the spill, the second picture is 21 days later after 2 treatments and 3 good rains). We have success stories from our clients using BT200™ for car oil, hydraulic oil, food oils & grease, industrial cutting fluids, and heating oil spills.

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