Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clogged Bathtub Drain? Slow Bathtub Drain? Use EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™

Is your bathtub clogged or running slow? Do you need a great and effective drain opener? Is your drain running slowly causing your bathtub to drain for long periods? Have you tried plunging the tub drain without success? When plunging just isn't enough . . .
Typical clogged drain after plunging - It's time to use SUPERFLOW

You should pour some EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ down the drain and leave it overnight. When you come back in the morning the drain will be running freely! We have thousands of clients who use this product whenever their drains are acting up.  Usually, it only takes one treatment to clear the blockage. Occasionally, if the blockage is extra tough, you may need to repeat the process for a second night.

EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ is used by professionals in hotels, convention centers, hospitals, restaurants - both large and small, commercial and industrial facilities. It's GREENER-CHOICE APPROVED GREEN so it is safe for you to use at home too!

For more information about this product Click here. If you have questions about this product please call toll free 866 621 8244 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern time.


  1. You should also see the methods of how to prevent your drains from clogging. Like, to avoid hair strands blocking your drains, you can put a filter that can keep the hairs from entering your drainage system. Those methods work for common drain blocks, but if the clogging is severe, you may need to recheck the pipe system.
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