Thursday, November 8, 2012

Smoke, Fire, Flood, Mold and Mildew? We Can Help!

Some of the worst cleaning problems out there are related to cleaning up after a fire or water damage situation.  If you have to clean up after a fire, or flood or water damage we have the products you need to bring your home or business back to life.  With the recent damages caused on the east coast of North America by Hurricane Sandy, Contractors and restoration companies are scrambling to find a cost effective solution to help clean up the mess - Give us a call!  We have the products you are looking for - Toll free 866 621 8244.

Our EATOILS(TM) ECOLOGO(TM) CERTIFIED GREEN cleaning products are used by professional restoration companies every day:

- EATOILS(TM) SUPERFRESH(TM) is used for hard surface deep cleaning and deodorizing applications - specializing in smoke, perspiration, animal odors, urine, sewage, and food odors.  For more information about this product click here.

- EATOILS(TM) SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM) is used like SUPERFRESH(TM), but for all soft surfaces including carpeting, draperies, upholstery, clothing, fur, etc.  For more information about this product click here.

- EATOILS(TM) BT200(TM) is used for deep cleaning of soot and carbon deposits from fire, oils and grease, and mold and mildew on all surfaces - hard and soft - and it is a great product for removing oil and grease stains from concrete, asphalt, and even soil.  For more information about this product click here.

If your clean-up problems are small enough for you to handle yourself(without a requirement for wallboard demolition and reconstruction) or where a good cleaning will bring back the property to acceptable, live in condition, then you can use the products yourself and breathe life back into your damaged property.

For more information about these products please come to our website.  You can also call us toll free Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00 Eastern time at 866 621 8244.

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