Monday, March 28, 2011

SUPER CARPET-FRESH(TM) Deep Cleans The New Wicking Sports Fabrics

Wicking Fabrics Quickly Remove Excess Perspiration
Providing More Comfort To The Wearer
The new sports tech 'wicking' fabrics are presenting a challenge to folks who want to clean them safely and to minimize the effects of washing machines on these fabrics. Repeated washing in typical washing machines and dryers can drastically shorten the life of these amazing new fabrics.  These new synthetic fibres are great for wicking perspiration away from your skin while you are exercising, however they can pose an odor problem once you get home.

EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ is a very safe, GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN cleaning product that can easily deep clean these types of fabrics and extend their useful life.

EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ deep cleans the fabrics without deteriorating the structure of the fabric. Once the cleaning solution comes in contact with the fabrics billions of tiny scrubbers attack the dirt, perspiration, germs, odor causing molecules, and any other residue on the fabrics and deep cleans everything away. These tiny scrubbers keep on working for up to 4 days removing all traces of organic materials and it converts them into harmless gases (oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide) - effectively removing all odors and residue. A simple rinse and you can hang it to dry. Next morning your clothes are ready and waiting for you - like new!

We have been using this product for years for deep cleaning and deodorizing the worst odors - even skunk! As a matter of fact, professional hockey and football teams have used this product for years to clean and deodorize sports equipment that can't be washed in the normal way - pads, skates, cleats, shoes, and equipment bags.

One of our regular clients, Carmen, is an avid runner and her kids are very active in soccer, hockey, and baseball. When she gets home after a long run she makes up a mixture of EATOILS™ SUPER CARPET-FRESH™ (2 oz. in a gallon of warm water) and soaks her clothing, the kids' uniforms, and her husband's golf wear in the solution for an hour or so, rinses them and hangs them up to dry. The next morning all the clothes are ready to wear! No mess! No trouble and . . . no odor!

For more information about our complete line of EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN products come to our website or call toll free at 866 621 8244 Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern time - our customer service personnel are standing by, awaiting your call.

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