Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Got Clogged Drains? Odors? We Have The Answer For You

1.11 Qt., 1 US Gal. SUPERFLOW™
Whether you've got a massive apartment building, a multi-unit hotel complex, a hospital X-Ray lab, an office building, a shopping mall, an entertainment facility, a busy restaurant or just a small household - clogged or smelly drains can be a real problem

In most urban and rural centers in North America we use water every day to expedite and expel soap and water, cleaning chemicals, processing waste, food waste and even sanitary waste - in other words - RAW SEWAGE.  It goes down our drain systems in all of our buildings and out to municipal waste water treatment systems or to septic systems.  If something goes wrong and the drain systems back up - you need to act fast and you need to have a reliable solution that you can count on - every time.

Traditional drain openers use harsh chemicals to break up blockages by creating a strong chemical reaction that creates an explosive reaction with excessive heat and literally BLASTS the blockage away down the drain line.  These chemical reactions can cause toxic gasses and nasty chemical formulations that can be harmful to your pipe systems - and downright dangerous for you to be breathing!  In larger buildings the heated materials eventually cool down and re-attach to the pipes further down the line - sometimes in as little as 5 feet, causing more problems for maintenance personnel.  Plumber's snakes and other mechanical devices can open the drain lines however they cost in labor and waiting time plus eventual re-piping costs can be astronomical.

EATOILS™ GREENER-CHOICE™ APPROVED GREEN products use a different approach to the problem of blocked drains.  SUPERFLOW™ is a  microbial drain opener and drain maintenance product that naturally breaks down clogs and keeps drain lines running freely without odors. 

When used as a drain opener, EATOILS™ SUPERFLOW™ rushes billions of beneficial microbes directly to the site of the blockage where they immediately get to work like little 'Pac Men', digesting the organic material in the blockage, and, in as little as three hours the blockage can be dissolved and cleared away.  Typically, drain opening is best done at night, when the drains will be left undisturbed by residents or employees in the facility.  By morning the system should be back to normal and the lines should be running freely and lingering odors should have disappeared.  Tougher clogs may need an additional treatment to clear.

Used as a drain maintenance product, SUPERFLOW™ deposits billions of tiny 'people friendly' microbes - a beneficial biofilm - along the walls of the pipes to prevent waste from building up on the walls and creating a blockage.  Larger buildings may require monthly dosing in drain stacks, gravity mains and feed lines to prevent accumulating blockages.

As little as 4 ounces of SUPERFLOW™ poured down the drain at night can restore a slow running drain or toilet to full capacity by morning.  This unique formula can even be used through standing water to open drains in tubs, toilets, sinks and floor drains.  SUPERFLOW™ is commonly used for drain maintenance in high volume systems so that major blockages don't occur.  We even have clients who work on air conditioning and heating systems who swear by the product for opening overflow drain lines without the need for expensive labor charges.

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