Thursday, March 11, 2010

Combining New Technologies Provides Synergy For Remediation Projects - And Cost Effective Alternatives

For many years the task of in-situ remediation of brownfields has been a difficult one - with cost overruns and ineffective remediation techniques being the most common result.  Oxidizing chemicals have been somewhat successful and bioremediation has been reliable for hydrocarbons, given enough time.

At WorldWare Enterprises Ltd., we have been providing microbes and nutrients for bioremediation and accelerated bioremediation projects for several years and we have had many success stories, particularly with household heating oil spills and the resultant insurance claims.

Recently, some of the contractors who use our products have discovered the synergy of combining remediating methods with new techniques for delivering product directly to the contaminants - and the results have been very impressive.  By combining the advantages of using specialized oxidizing formulas (fast acting degradation of many contaminants plus addition of large amounts of oxygen into the contaminant plume) with the advantages of accelerated bioremediation (complete breakdown of hydrocarbons over time) and these new delivery techniques, they have found the remediation timeline can be dramatically reduced and the cost of the job can be very competitive.  The first clients to try this new approach were those who were disappointed with previous methods (vapor extraction, typical oxidizing approaches, bio-augmentation and nutrient loading techniques) that had not provided the expected results.  When these new approaches were tried and the results were so dramatic and in such a short time, thorough investigations were conducted to ensure that the results were really that good.  Time and again the independent testing confirmed the complete clean-up of the sites.  To date, there have been successes with industrial sites (heavy metals & TPH), former gas stations (TPH and BTEX), hydro facilities (TPH and PCBs), automotive plants (PCVs and TCEs), groundwater and residential spills.

The results have been dramatic - complete clean-up in record time! Furthermore, by combining the approaches the products consumed have been optimized and the contaminant levels have been reduced to well below government standards!  The net results are lower project cost and faster turnaround time!

This has prompted some of these contractors to provide a guarantee for their remediation projects - yes, a guarantee!

As we move forward we are aligning ourselves with these successful contractors to provide a complete solution to remediation of all types of contaminants.

If you know of someone who is currently struggling with a contaminated site and looking for a reasonable alternative treatment we would be pleased to provide a remediation proposal using these new technologies. 

For further information contact Charles Robinson at 866 621 8244 (toll free North America) or come to our website at

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